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spbr90's Digital Identity

I am very pleased with the outcome of my web page. Although it might not be perfect, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with CSS since prior to this semester, I did not even know what CSS was. I think that the design of the page gives off the vibe that I intended it too. It is fun, yet classy and simple, which I believe strongly reflects the subject matter of the site. I do not really intend to use the site for anything other than my own personal enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others, and for the assignments for this class, so I believe that it works extremely well for its purposes. It represents some aspects of myself as person in that it contains my original blog posts through which I discuss topics of my major, psychology, which is of extreme interest to me. There are also some examples of the work that I have completed for this class, further portraying my accomplishments and my points of view on some issues. I also really enjoy the fact that a large portion of what the site looks like is due to my efforts. It reflects my creativity and what I felt would most contribute to my site.

In terms of the subject matter of the page, I am happy that I was able to discuss matters that I find extremely interesting, and hope that I have been able to peak the interest of others as well. I believe that my primary audience would be young adults interested in matters of psychology or of a college student's interests. One of my goals for my blog was to be able to open people’s eyes to some of the psychological disorders that are out there, and hopefully help people to realize that people who suffer from these disorders are not at fault, and therefore we should try our best to remove any stigmas that come along with them. I also hope that I was able to inform people of some of the issues that are out there that they perhaps did not know about. After these blog posts are some posts about my work throughout the semester. I hope that these posts will show people a little more of who I am and what sorts of things I am interested in other than just psychology, which I hope will make viewers appreciate my site and where I am coming from even more.

If I were an employer looking at my site, I feel that I would notice and appreciate all of the efforts that were put in the site, and perhaps at least consider hiring because I believe the site shows commitment, hard work, effort, and creativity.

Overall, I am truly happy with the end result. I feel that at least visually, I was able to accomplish my goals and desires for this assignment. My only hope now is that others who may happen upon my site will enjoy it and appreciate my efforts, and perhaps learn something new as well!

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Design Process: 

In designing this web page, I began with a blog theme from with my original blog posts and modified it to look the way that I wanted it to look. In order to do this, I used CSS and made a few significant changes. First, I changed the background from the top portion of the site with the title from a plain blue to a tree design found on Next, I changed the font of the title to a font found on that I found more interesting and fun, and then changed the font size of the title to one that was a little bit bigger. I then changed the background color of the page to a color that I felt matched the tree design at the top of the page. I changed the font of the posts from a boring Verdana to Calibri, but the letters were too small so then I changed the font size to one that was a little bigger. I also changed the font of the subtitles (or post titles) to a fun font also found on, and then also changed the font size to one that was a little bit larger. I then changed font of the other writing on the page (such as where it says "just another UMW Blogs weblog") to this same font. Finally, I changed the color of the boxes titled "Archives," "Meta," and "Categories" to a color that was a little darker than the overall background color, but that I felt also matched. Overall, there were 4 font style changes, 3 font size changes, 2 background changes, and 1 change to the boxes on the side, adding to a total of ten changes to the theme. The posts on the page consist of previous blog posts, as well as 4 of my personal projects.

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