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I created this image to express my feelings and make an argument about what I believe to be true. I feel that horseback riding is not just a hobby, it’s a sport. This is to many people something to laugh at and I accept the fact that not everyone shares the same opinions as I do. But, nevertheless my blog is about horses and horseback riding and in this image I hope to convey that riding a horse is just as hard, if not harder, than throwing a football.
There's a lot of work that goes into riding. To get prepared to ride you have to groom your horse, put the saddle on them, and get yourself geared up for a ride. Adding to preparing the horse to be ridden you might have to get them out of the field and truck across a sometimes a completely muddy paddock to get to them. Once the horse and rider are ready, riding can begin. This seems like a simple task but depending on what horse you're riding, it isn't so simple. For example, my horse takes an incredible amount of leg (kicking, nudging) to get her to trot or move period. I will tell you that if you don't think riding is a workout then come ride my horse. My legs have gotten in the best shape ever since I bought my horse two years ago.
Riding is a workout in itself, I usually have lessons that last an hour and a half of non-stop riding and while it is a thrill, it takes a toll on your body. Horses are unpredictable animals and this makes riding a dangerous sport. I can't count how many times I've been thrown off. I've been bucked off, thrown onto a pole of a jump, done a flip over a horses head, and the times I haven't been thrown off I've taken a nice quick gallop on the back of a crazy horse. Personally, I have back issues because of riding and have been told to never get on a horse again. But, this is my sport, and it is my passion and if there's no pain, there's no gain. Horseback riders live by the motto : " If you fall off your horse, get right back on." Falling off can only make you a stronger and better rider in the end.

There’s really only one message in my image, and that is the pure image itself. When I look at this image I see two parts, one part being the person jumping a horse and the second part, a person throwing a football. I interpret this as a message that these two parts are of the same kind, meaning that they are both sports and both require an equal amount of work to be good at. I think that this is kind of a random image and it is open to interpretation by anyone.
When I made this image, I thought about McCloud’s essay and the pictures he used throughout to convey what he was talking about. What I got from his essay is that we use icons to represent words, or our feelings, or ideas but those icons we create as symbols of these may only mean something to you. For example my image is an icon of an idea that football and horseback riding should be considered at the same level of athleticism. But, I’m sure this is not what everyone will take away from this picture.
I decided to blur my image because to me this adds the effect that the two parts are still trying to come together and have a definite meaning. I’m hoping through my blog that I can clear this picture up and gain some followers that will understand the hard work and athletic ability needed to ride a horse.
I positioned the two pictures how I did because it looks like the horse is jumping over the person throwing a football and because it’s at the top of the image it adds the effect of how high the jump is. There is no bigger rush than jumping a horse. It really is an adrenaline rush and that’s why I put that image on the top, because you really do feel like you’re on top of the world. I didn’t mean for that picture to look more important than the football image, that’s also another reason why I blurred the picture. But, it also makes sense to have the football player closer to the bottom to symbolize him on the ground throwing a ball.
Personally I love this image. I think it’s the perfect balance of the two images and to me it makes sense, but only because this is the way I think and this image only exists because of the experiences I’ve had. That’s what is really interesting to me when it comes to pictures or images, they could mean something totally different to so many people. It’s really an art to analyze and describe images that you know nothing about. I hope this analysis gives some perspective on this image and that after revisiting the image it makes more sense.


Grand prix horse jumping picture: author: myrna spurrier:
Football picture: author: Torsten Bolten
Both of these images were found through Creative Commons and give the option to alter and use the images.

Brief Description: 

My blog is about horseback riding and I wanted to have an image that argued that this is as much of a sport as football. Importance on this topic depends on who you are and your feelings toward this argument.


i really like the creativeness put into this image. There is alot going on that you have to take in. Very nice

I really like the message that you are trying to convey about horseback riding. I'm actually a football fan, and don't really know much about horseback riding, but I can really appreciate it as a sport. I think that your argument starts off very well and including your own experiences into the analysis increases the effectiveness of your argument. I think that you could have examined the possible messages in your image further, as well as your argument about horseback riding as a sport. As someone who enjoys riding horses (leisurely, of course), I would have liked to see more background information about horseback riding.

I really like this! I horseback ride too so I don't even have to read your essay to agree with you that horseback riding is a sport! I really like your use of layering in the collage, the only thing I would have done differently is make the horse a little more visible in the photo and the football player smaller (since you're saying it's harder to ride than thow a football. Overall all I LOVE this!

In the second paragraph, you have an "a" before "sometimes" that doesn't need to be there. Also, I understand the point of your image, but really only because you told me. I felt that this image was MORE about football than horseback riding when I first saw it because the football player is so prominent in the image. Maybe make the horse stand out more to add more emphasis. I think that I also thought it was about football because the football player is the only person in the image, so it almost appears that you want him to represent you....just a thought.
Also, maybe don't just start out saying that you made this image because.... but just come right out and say what you mean or the message you were trying to convey. I think that it will make for a stronger introduction.

All that aside, though, I like the message you are trying to convey with your image!

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