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Trans Prevalence Versus Legal Protection

My goal for this project was to create a small overview of what transgender means, as well as to hit the tip of the iceberg with the rights and protections that transgender people have while highlighting how common it is. There is very little research on transgender people, so it was difficult to find reliable sources.
In researching this, I found an interesting statement that stated that "the average life span of a transgender person is twenty-three years." I put this in my graphic but out of curiosity went to find the original source. It turned out that this wasn't concrete information - instead there had been a statement that said "the global life expectancy of a transgender person is believed to be 23," and there wasn't any data.
I checked all of my information from multiple sources for the rest of the graphic and made sure that I could back up all of it from reliable sources.

I also added a lot of text at the bottom because I had to clarify a lot of statements. Trans 101 is pretty basic, and when I combined that with information about discrimination and statistics I knew that I needed to add information.

In terms of the four principles, I tried to stick with them.

I tried to keep the spacing between elements similar. Recurring groupings, like the citation numbers and the main headings, are all equal spacing. This was one that I didn't follow as much.

I used the same style and elements throughout the piece - especially gender symbols of male, female and one that is a mix of male and female.

All of the headings are left aligned, and the main elements under each are also aligned to each other vertically. I tried to make the alignment as obvious as possible, and hopefully it comes off as thought out and put together.

The main colors I chose were pink, blue and purple (to play off of expected gender roles), black (for the main text) and a gray gradient for the background. I think that the gray really makes the colors pop.

All in all I really enjoyed this project. I had been meaning to sit down and make an infographic for a long time and this was the kick in the pants for me.



This is wonderful. Very clean, very clear. An excellent job all around.

This is awesome. You should print it as a pamphlet or something.

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