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The Warblers vs New Directions: Who Sings About What?

Most of what I listen to on my iPod is "Glee" related music. I've fallen in love with the Warblers this season and after seeing what Wordle could do I decided to use it to compare the lyrical content of group songs sung by New Directions (the main glee club on Glee) versus that of the Warblers (their rivals.)

To do this I got the lyrics to all the group songs from New Directions and all of the Warblers songs and made word clouds of them. I then listed out the 50 biggest words from each and decided to see what overlapped between the two groups and what did not.

In the end I chose to make a Venn Diagram showing the top 50 words from both, using typography to help convey meaning. I included a few 'typographic jokes' in the Venn Diagram (see 'bad' and 'wrong' for two examples) and chose fonts that I felt corresponded to the words, usually through what type of 'emotion' I thought that the font displayed.

I also chose to use shades of gray for all colors except for the rings. The New Directions side is filled with a slightly red tint and the words are done in a dark red-gray tone. The overlap is side is filled with a slightly purple tint and the words are done in a dark purple-gray tone. The Warblers side is filled with a slightly blue tint and the words are done in a dark blue-gray tone.

I chose the grays and the slight tints to bring more unity to the infographic, and although subtile, they are more pleasing to the eye than just using black and white.



hi my name is layla cridge and I live at scunthrpe
and I want two stay at dalton academy warblers school just a whole week hoilday
and I love two sing a solo with kurt and baline
and I love two join the glee warblers club love layla cridge

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