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What is in my mind

I'm a big Caps fan and as one I have a very strong dislike for the Pens. So in my twisted little world this how a game between the Caps and Pens would play. Slapshot would royally bring the pain and take a spear to the gut of a penguin in front of the entire Pens bench. The best way I could possibly describe this image is that it represents the rivalry between the two teams that has become much more aggressive in recent years. The games are more intense with fans being more vocal in these games then in others. I can speak on such matters with personal experience, a Capitals vs. Penguins game was the loudest regular season game that I have ever attended with the volume reaching 100 decibels at the loudest point during the game. Unlike Barths image there isn’t any hidden linguistic messages because it is fairly straightforward in what it is trying to say. The iconic messages are fairly important to both sides. The mascots for both teams are represented. As is the man many consider to be the modern face of hockey, Penguins Center Sidney Crosby. Crosby is a rock star in his native Nova Scotia, he has been given keys to multiple cities, thrown parades, and had landmarks named after him because of his accomplishments in his outstanding career. Now the main downside to an image with such violent ideas means that it could draw ire from multiple sources. The dead penguin could upset PETA, or the Penguins organization because of what it could imply about the team, though in PETA’s case it would be based on the fact that they would hate to see such an innocent animal die what they would probably label as an “unnecessary, gruesome, and disturbing death.” The Penguins organization wouldn’t be happy about it because no one wants the see their mascot be made fun of, hurt, speared. Capitals fans on the other hand would react with strong feelings that favor the photo. It would be hugely demoralizing to see your mascot speared and killed right in front of you. And if you tell me you could handle it, I’d tell you that I found a fabulous liar. But these are all things that happen in sports, trash talk between fans is nothing new, and fans have adapted the methods they use for said trash talk have evolved as technology has changed. Now all it takes to say something nasty and not even entirely fact based and have it published to the masses of the internet is as simple as starting a blog! Hell if you’re too lazy to do that, all you have to do is find some webfourm you like start and posting to your hearts content.


Crosby and Malkin image by Flickr user cyclodrama, Creative Commons Licensed
Slapshot image by Flickr user cyclodrama, Creative Commons Licensed
Penguin Image by Flickr user Thomasgraham, Creative Commons Licensed


I still think you should have killed Crosby but it's still amazing!

very very funny

This image portrays your intention really well. In your essay, you could possibly talk about the linguistic message of the flag to show even greater power given to the victor. Love the blood. :)

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