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What is my "Right"?

I wanted to answer two important questions which are critical to my blog: "Who am I?" and "What do I want?" Throughout my process I realized there are a few things that are important to me that I'd want to share with a future partner. Namely, my love of baseball, New York City and theatre.

I started off using the traditional 'male' and 'female' symbols as seen on bathroom doors to show not only that I'm a biological female but that I'm pansexual and don't really care what gender my partner ends up being. I wanted these to be immediately recognizable and I think that they are.

When discussing 'me' and who I am, I chose to use photographs of me and crop them to just include parts of clothing that I love. For example, my favorite dress, and an outfit I wore on my high school graduation trip to see Rent.

I chose not to show my face or any real identifiable part of me because like my blog, I wanted to give a sense of anonymity. I wanted to show who I was through my style and my love of color and texture.

On another level this adds to the image showing that I care about clothing and textiles. I do. I am a costumer, knitter, dyer and stitcher. I included at least one piece which I dyed myself, the blue tye-dye.

In the head of "me" is the image I use as the avatar for Finding My Right.

Looking at the male silhouette, I did not set to fill it with something that was stereotypically "male" but it happened. Baseball is a big part of my life. I love going to games and watching them on TV. I love reading up on baseball statistics and everything related to the game. I would really love for my partner to share my love of baseball or at least be willing to go to games with me since it somewhat defines my summers.

I used a picture I took at a Southern Maryland Blue Crabs game in the body of the man of a game in progress to show this. The Blue Crabs are my favorite non professional team and I often go to their games over the summer because they play close to my home. In the head is a picture of a baseball balloon I saw when I went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2008. Symbolizing not only the sport but my love of New York as well.

In the other female silhouette is a picture of the street in Manhattan where the Nederlander Theatre is. It shows the Rent marquee and a lot of iconic city imagery. It serves to showcase a few things about me. As a Staten Island girl at heart, I love New York City. I also am a huge theatre fan. I am a technician and have been doing theatre for years and love going to shows. Rent is my favorite musical and has greatly impacted my life.

The pigeons in the female head were captured on a trip to Manhattan. A lot of people think of pigeons when they think of the city and I have fond memories of seeing them on the Staten Island Ferry at a young age.

Hopefully the image truly gives a sense of who I am and what I would love for my partner to enjoy.


All pictures by me, bellekid except the heart candy.
Candy Heart from here:

Brief Description: 

Who is am I and what do I want?


Spelling issues (question, through). Successful image. I think you did a great job with your creative production of the you and the possibilities of your future partners. Given the currently known cultural symbols for male and female, without a representation for a middle ground, this was the best way to get your point across. Good job.

I thought about doing a see-through kind of thing, but it didn't work for what I wanted to do. Seeing is executed well, though, is awesome! Good job :)

I think the most powerful thing about this image is the idea of "who am I." I think that this is something that everyone can relate to in many different aspects of their own lives. I think the idea is fantastic and I think that you did an excellent job :)

I almost feel that it would have been more interesting had you switched the pictures in the male and female, putting the stereotypically male activity, baseball, in the female form and the city/theater bit in the male form. I also think that it is interesting that you state in your essay that you don't care what gender your partner ends up being, while in your image, the linguistic message indicates to me that you are actually trying to decide which gender you want. That was just something interesting that I noticed. They almost seem to go against each other, but maybe that's just how I, personally, interpreted the image.

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