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ymoon's Digital Identity

There are 10 significant changes I made to the existing design.
1) Changed body background with the image I made. I made a box to put all things inside of the big box.
2) Changed font and color of font in the body. (include title of comments)
3) Changed the background-color of container, where pictures are shown.
4) Changed the background-color of header, where title is shown.
5) Added the picture of shapes into top right corner of page. (made a symbol of portfolio)
6) Changed back-ground color of blog-description to emphasize the phrase “portfolio 2011”
7) Changed back-ground color of footer to organize footer into one box.
8) Changed font-weight and font-size of header. (bold and large)
9) changed width of boxes of pictures. (narrower)
10) Changed width of rap.
11) Changed the font of title and blog description. (simple font)

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

Alyssa Moon in writing through media is the blog of Alyssa’s 2011 portfolio. This blog contains at least 4 best projects that were completed during 2011 spring semester in Writing though Media class. I personally wanted to make the portfolio very neat and classic. Throughout this semester, our class used lots of CSS, and drawing programs. Creativity was needed somehow to complete the assignment, and artistic features were added into the assignment. I thought it would be better to represent the final portfolio in a way that shows artistic features and classic mood. Therefore, I chose brown color and those colors that can correlate with the brown. I also designed the website with many rectangular boxes to be simple.
For the theme, I chose Autofocus (by Allan Cole). This theme captured me at the first sight because it was very simple and elegant, which was what I was looking for. At the home page of the blog, there are blocks of pictures. Whenever I post the pictures of project, the pictures are automatically goes into blocks. This form of blocks is very neat in a way people can overview all projects in one sight. The pictures can capture visitors to click the boxes to see details of the projects. Also, there is an image of different shapes at the right top corner of the page. Five different shapes represent the five projects that I worked on, and the circle, which links them all in one, represents the portfolio.
The website is easily accessible by using google. If visitors type “Alyssa Moon in writhing through media”, the google will show my website at very top of page. Also, visitors can get into my website by typing address “”.

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