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Your Donations at Work

I fought over how I wanted to do this infographic for quite some time. I started it a different way at least three times and was more and more frustrated each time. Did I want to show pictures of our event? No, Relay for Life is bigger than that. The percentages of people who fight cancer? No, I need to show something positive and potentially uplifting. The money raised through Relay for Life makes a huge difference in the lives of SO many people each year. The 3.47 billion dollars raised in the past 26 years have changed people’s lives. It provides gas cards to those who can’t afford to get to chemo. It provides those without the ability to pay for hotels once they get to chemo, a place to stay near a treatment center. Women who lose their hair and go through mastectomies are given wigs and prosthetics to “look good and feel better” while going through treatment and remission. The difference the ACS makes each year is phenomenal. I had all of these grand ideas for what I wanted to do but then remembered that the facts say enough. I chose to do an info“graph”ic centered on the breakdown of money coming in through fundraising. It helps people to see what they are “buying” when they donate money to a cause. By showing those who view this artwork that one-thousand dollars buys one night at a Hope Lodge for one patient really helps to make the donation real. I have raised close to one-thousand dollars myself this year and as I constructed these graphs, I did so much math figuring out how my 1,000 dollars may be helping those out there. In the past 7 months, I have paid for 4 women to learn how to work their new bodies and have provided the funding to purchase x-ray film that may detect that cancer that attacks someone from the inside out. Such little effort on my part made a tremendous difference in the lives of other people.


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