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Science and Faith

Science and faith are generally perceived as mutually exclusive pursuits. One studying science is often thought to be without any desire or need for faith, and the same applies vice versa. This flowchart suggests that, though there is a lot of volleying back and forth on which side is the “right” side, there is a place where the two inevitably meet.

It took a long time for me to think of this idea, let alone begin the design for it. My general theme in the class assignments has been the amateurization of art, but I found this a hard topic to convert to data. Instead, I went with another interest of mine, which is where science meets faith. At first, I didn’t have any data values to include in this argument, but I found that showing the amounts of each smaller material contained inside the larger showed the escalation in the obscurity of science to the point where it had to eventually make a leap of faith into the unknown.

Robin Williams’ four principles of proximity, repetition, alignment, and contrast helped me solidify my argument visually. When it came to proximity within my image, it was important for me to keep each question a safe distance away from one another so that they’d each be taken individually, but I also needed them close enough so that they could all flow together in progression. The “tennis ball” responses link the separate questions, allowing for a clear flow within the image. I repeated the size and color of the text boxes for the questions and answers respectively so that the viewer is able to clearly categorize a particular shape and color with the type of information being presented. Additionally, these text boxes are aligned vertically according to their own type so that the viewer can more easily follow the pattern of the text as it volleys down the image. The greatest element of contrast within the image is in the title at the top of the page and in the final statement at the bottom of the page. I put white font against a black background to emphasize both the purpose and the final product of the progression. This makes it easier for the viewer to capture the overall argument even without noticing each detail contained within the image.

To drive the point home, I added a bit of humor at the end with an image from This was my way of saying there are always going to be some things that we as humans are not going to understand. That doesn’t mean we won’t learn more through science, but I am making a call for the acceptance that faith is inevitable no matter what you believe.

Image Sources:
Tennis Player image by Unknown from
Tennis Court image by Mike Ruiz from


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