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Harry Potter

For this project I wanted to focus on children's literature; more specifically the Harry Potter series. I chose Harry Potter because for many, including myself, the books have had a very large impact on my reading and they define much of my childhood. With the release of the final installment of the film coming out this summer, I felt that it was appropriate to celebrate the success of the novels that made the movies possible. To keep the emphasis on the novels, I tried not to include any information about the movies on my graphic. The overall style of my graphic is to hint at the wizarding newspaper The Daily Prophet. To do this I made the background a sheet of old, tea stained paper. I also used a font called King that resembled type writer font to give it that newspaper feel. In addition, I added the title of Harry Potter in the font that is unique to the franchise so that it would be easily recognizable to those who might stumble across it. I also used a few other fonts in the graphic to break the text up some. Because I wanted to add so much text that is stand alone, I sectioned off the pieces of text in parenthesis. By doing this, I wanted to give the page a busy feel that is conveyed in the film versions of the movies when they show the Daily Prophet. I used the same size lines and colors throughout the graphic to keep some kind of repetition. Because each piece of information is independent there was no real way to group the information. However, I did try to not place graphs next to each other but instead to spread them out so that there was not too many pictures centered in one place.
When designing this graphic I had a hard time organizing the pieces of text and such in a way that I liked. I went through at least four completely different drafts with the data in different places. I didn’t want the text to be in neat rows that are arranged in a way that is expected but instead I wanted it to be almost a sensory overload with that kind of excitement because the reader can read whatever part they want first and don’t have to follow any conventions of what part to read first. Any piece of information on this graph could be rearranged and the information would still be the same.



Awesome, love Harry Potter, this looks really really good.

this looks really good. love it!

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