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cost of owning a lamborghini

The bad economy has forced dealerships to reduce the prices of new cars. Especially those of exotic cars. Not only do you have to pay for the cost of buying a car but you also need to pay for all the additional expenses of owning the car. As displayed below in my picture of the Lamborghini, I was shown all the additional expenses.
The first expense is the maintenance that you must keep up with when you drive the car. You need to make sure you pay for oil changes every thousand miles and that oil change normally leads to an additional charge of a labor fee. Also with the maintenance you need to get your car inspected yearly. This may be a small fee or a huge fee depending on how well your car is running.
Next you have to pay for the insurance on the vehicle. Depending on the driver depicts the amount of money you will be spending on your policy. Teenage drivers will have a much higher price than an adult who has a good driving record.
The fuel costs of the car will be your major cost . As the economy is fluctuating the fuel prices are also constantly changing. Right now the average U.S.fuel cost per gallon is about $3.56 when combining those prices with a high end sports car, you find yourself having to fill up a lot more frequently than if you drove a compact car.
Furthermore, there is also the aspect of depreciation. Every car has a different depreciation value, some automatically decrease $10,000 once driven off the lot, along with that major decrease in value these high-end cars often depreciate by the mile. For example when buying a new Lamborghini the owner must sign an agreement that he/she is aware that this car has a $3 per mile depreciation value.
In conclusion, with the economy being particularly bad in the past few years this has had a major effect on the car sale industry. Even with the prices of cars decreasing, there are lots of aspects an exotic car buyer may not realize when they see the sticker price of a vehicle.


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