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Info graphic: Increase Volunteering

Using the main topic of my blog, this info graphic is about the distributions volunteering within different age groups in America. The act of volunteering has increased in the last three years amongst middle age adults. But there should be more people helping out from the ages of 14-54. Getting involved shows evidence of reducing antisocial and violent behaviors. The more people are involved with the community the less likely they will commit crimes. Requirement of community service does not only limit crime rates, but it also helps students reconnect themselves with the natural world. Many people are able to gain a sense of their own voice and authority. The benefits show up each time an act of service in shown. These benefits include higher levels of engagement, civic participation, and environmental stewardship. The more people feel they have given back to their community the less they feel a lack of accomplishment. As seen in the chart middle aged adults have a higher percentage of volunteerism than any other age group. This is because they have more to take care of and they want to make a difference in their community. I found my sources on the Volunteering America website. It showed the rate of which volunteering has increased and they act of it spreading to younger people. People in the Last decade have shown a desire to help others and their community; this has lowered crime rates, and increased civil involvement.

In the info graph I used shadow pictures of different age groups. The graph shows the highest percentage of volunteers in the 35-44 age groups in the middle. And the others are next to it. I make it like a peak, to show a flow. At the bottom I put the percentage, and I used different colors to represent the contrast of the highest percent and the lowest percentages. The percentage for the teenager group, the young adult group, and the 65 and older group were shown in orange. They had low percentage of volunteers. The middle age group was shown in dark red of having the highest percent of volunteers. And the 45-64 age groups were shown in red because they were close to a high percentage. I put an equal sign to show how the rise of volunteering can lead to. Which were lower crime rate, leadership skills, and just making a difference. Color wasn’t my main focus, but as in Williams article. Alignment and proximity were displayed in the chart. I like to put most of my designs in the center to get a full view.


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