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hexadismal's Digital Identity

When first beginning the design process of my portfolio, I knew I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The simplicity of the site makes it easier to navigate and understand. I was unsure as to whether I could handle making the CSS modifications of a more basic template but decided to take on that challenge anyway. This was a good choice, because I believe my website is a better reflection of who I actually am due to my ability to make design choices for myself.

I used Decorative font, because I found it to be one of the easier fonts to read. With a blended background gradient, I had to be careful about how I contrasted the font color with my red-to-white background colors. The dark grey I chose was a repetition of color from the title, and it also stands out well against both the red and white. The choice of red was partially made because it's my favorite color, but I also chose it since professional blogs tend to stick to more neutral colors. I like to test the boundaries of professionalism, which is also seen in some of the topics of my digital works. I started with a completely red background but found it to be too overwhelming on the eyes. The blend helps soften its effect and makes the background more clean-cut and professional.

These are only the bare bones of a professional website so far, but I can imagine adding pages, graphics, and widgets in the future once I acquire more digital experience and experiment more with CSS and HTML. I'm not sure whether I would hire myself just yet based on this site, but I wouldn't dismiss me entirely. I used the knowledge I acquired when building the text assignment earlier in the semester and followed the general design principles we learned in class, particularly with boxes. In general, I think my website still needs a little more work, but it is highly functional as is and presents my digital identity as an English 202: Writing through Digital Media alumna.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

I started with a very basic template, which provided the structure for the header, menu bar, and body. I made several modifications to the layout design.

I boxed the header and gave it a dark blue border. I made the background light blue and changed the font color to dark grey. I also moved the title from the left side of the box to the right side.

I made the font size larger and changed its color. I also made the font bold. The site design had a menu option but had no existing menus before I added my own.

I made the font bolder and darker and switched to the Decorative style font.

I designed a blended red to white gradient for the background in Gimp and repeated it along the x-axis.

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