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eachiaa's Digital Identity

I feel like this project reflected so much about me. It has images that I created and love. Though using CSS was very difficult in my part, I made it as simple yet, as organized as I wanted. Though my blog was not as efficient as I wanted it to be I created this portfolio so that, it can showcase all the work, I’ve done. That is why I kept some of the work I did from my blog. This project really reflects me because, I put so many work that I felt proud of, and by looking through the website you can see what type of person I am, whether it is through photography or my poem, you can tell that I am a creative and visual person. I am very pleased with how it turned out too, because as I said understanding CSS and using what I learned to create something new to my website was a challenge. The blog portion of my website, which is located under recent entries, details the side of me I love. It describes me as a volunteer, since I love helping other people; those entries kind of reflect that. If I asked people to look at my website, I think people who are interested in learning more about my artistic talent would ask me to create more images. The theme of my website is mostly image based because they are my best work. If I were an employer looking for someone who is creative, I would hire myself to be a photographer. I may not be a strong writer but I am a strong poet, and a poet is a writer. These images and writings I created show how much I have improved since coming to college, especially Mary Washington. I’ve learned more about decoding things on the web, that I could never image myself doing since I’m not a digital type of person, well computer wise. I feel like this website and project shows off the many creative side of me and the different types of work I created. I know I did the best I could, using CSS and using my own imagination to create this website. It took all semester of English 202H for me to realize the artistic person I am and I’ve learned to also persuade people through my writings. I hope I get a god grade for this class and for this project.

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Design Process: 

For this portfolio, I modified a theme from UMW blogs and created it by how I would design a website. I made the fonts big and changed the color, but I kept the color of my writings the same. I also added in a background border, so the pages and website looks secured and organized. I changed the background color to reflect the title color, so they blend together. I made the writings centered to it looks like a clear line that I formatted. So the website is sectioned in three parts, the writings and work in the middle and the advertisements on the side I also changed the front image. At first it took some time to upload a picture, so I decided to use one of the umw blogs images, which I felt suited the overall theme of the website. I used CSS to do all of this which took a lot of time.

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