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Human Mind

Images can tell a story without using any words at all, or with just a few words for clarification. Some images are created to make a statement about a topic, others to tell a story, and others even as a representation of something else. With just one page or one small portion of a page, an image can say what originally might take up various pages of written work. The creators of images (such as artists, photographers, painters, and computer graphics designers) can choose to include or eliminate any details from their image in order to successfully get across and idea exactly as they intend. Just by thinking critically about and analyzing the contents of an image, one can determine the story or statement the creator of the image was trying to make. Some people use captions or a couple of words embedded in the image in order to further emphasize the meaning they wish to convey with their image. Others choose to let the image speak for itself. Whatever method of presentation, an image, as is often said, is worth a thousand words.

This particular image attached hardly uses any words to convey its message. It is representative of the field of psychology and what it entails. Psychology is often considered the study of the human mind and what drives our actions and behaviors. In this image, I hoped to represent this idea. Each of the segments shown in this image represents something that occurs in our minds and brains. There are music notes located at the top of the head that represent audition and our ability to hear things (including listening to music). The road sign reading “memory lane” below the music notes signifies our memory process and those memories we keep stored in our brain to recall later. There are balloons located on the forehead that represent the significant events that occur in one’s life such as birthdays and holidays. The full moon and bats located near the ear symbolizes the dark times and memories that unfortunately everyone faces but most learn to cope with and work through. The sheep by the fence located to the right of the full moon signify sleeping and dreams, which were analyzed in great depth by psychologists such as Sigmund Freud. Furthermore, there are little hearts that are located just above the sheep that represent love and relationships and the mind processes that lead to these feelings. There are candies located above the ear that represent our necessities in life such as hunger and food. Finally, there are smiley faces that are located to the left of the candies that represent our emotions and our brain’s ability to regulate them. The head is mounted on a background of a daytime sky to symbolize the vast, almost endless, ideas that the discipline of psychology presents and studies in order to expand our knowledge of ourselves as human beings. Overall, what this image is intended to convey are the many actions and processes that our brains and our minds go through that result in our daily functions and behaviors. What I hoped to get across with this image was that psychology is a science that involves the integration of many neurological and thought processes that lead to the behaviors that we engage in on a daily basis, which often include things we are not even aware of.


Sky Background image by Flickr user Powellizer, Creative Commons Licensed.
Head image by Flickr user Mike Licht, Creative Commons Licensed.
Music Notes image by Flickr user photosteve101, Creative Commons Licensed.
Memory Lane image by Flickr user Pyoakum, Creative Commons Licensed.
Balloons image by Flickr user House of Sims, Creative Commons Licensed.
Full Moon image by Flickr user creepyhalloweenimages, Creative Commons Licensed.
Sheep/Fence image by Flickr user ndrwfgg, Creative Commons Licensed.
Hearts image by Flickr user Dominique Goldbout, Creative Commons Licensed.
Candy image by Flickr user Lall, Creative Commons Licensed.
Smiley Faces image by Flickr user bixentro, Creative Commons Licensed.


I really like this image. Very creative and a lot of work must have went into creating this.

I love how there are balloons and smiley faces in the head...this is really cool, i have honestly always wondered what is going on in my mind and some of my close friends as well.

I like how everything in the image blends together so seamlessly, considering what the original head image looked like. I enjoyed this a lot, including your explanation.

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