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Coming Together as One

Every image can be perceived differently in many different ways. One’s personality, background, how easily influenced they are, or simply what they like/dislike can affect the way they perceive an image. Each component of this image has a different meaning which adds up to the concept of each individual sacrificing themselves and putting their entire heart into the something that is bigger than anyone on the outside could ever understand.

The “big picture” is a lone basketball found in an empty gym with banners on the walls and an American flag hanging in the background. For an athlete or sports fan it can really take your breath away. No words are needed in this image to explain what is going on; it is more of a feeling. As an athlete you feel proud; the presence of the flag makes you proud to live in a country where every day sports can bring happiness to people; the banners on the wall make you proud to belong to a school with such strong athletics. This feeling overtakes the lack of linguistic meaning of the image as an entirety. There are no legible words in the image because it’s not about the words in which you read or about the wins and losses or the successful seasons portrayed on the walls but about the way you feel when you are a part of something that in a large part defines who you are.

Barthes’ example shows a replica of reality where as this image I created is more of reality represented in a symbolic way. There are three photos of the team set into the main image- honoring our country before the game, huddling in the middle of a game, and celebrating after a game. The reality sets in while looking at the three significant moments when each photo was taken and realizing that the world could be a better place if where a person was from or what they believe in did not affect another’s judgment or behavior towards them.

The non-coded iconic message in this image is very obvious. Clearly the amount of team photos embedded into the full image shows the significance of individuals coming together as one. It is also clear that in the photo of the individual bent over with a look of exhaustion shows the dedication and hard work put into not only being an athlete but becoming part of a team.

The “team” aspect of basketball is the most important part of the game. As you can see without this unity the game would not be the same. The numbers on each player’s back shows their individualism but as you can see they are always coming together as one. For a lot of athletes a huge reason for playing their sport is for the team; the life long bonds made knowing someone will always be there for you provide comfort through the rollercoaster ride that life tends to be.

Overall, I believe the message portrayed in this image is that at the end of every day all of the sweat, tears, and heart left on the court would not be worth it without the team. Basketball is more than just a game, it is a life style. Many people do not see the hard work, individually and as a team, put forth every day for hours on end to grow into the best team one can be. When looking at this image one can sense a togetherness about the sport and the transition from a group of individuals becoming family.

"Team sports are the best things on earth. It's where five people, if playing individually, won't succeed very often, but those same five playing together will always achieve more than they could individually. Will they always get a win? No, not at all. But they will achieve more than any one of them could individually." -- Unknown


All images are from either me or my friends.
“Favorite Place” image by Jenna McRae
“Celebration” image by Katie Wimmer
“Team Huddle” image by Katie Wimmer
“National Anthem” image by Katie Wimmer
“Point of Exhaution” image by Carlie Hampton


I still love the final project :)

It looks good! I would do as Whalen said and leave a space between paragraphs, but other than that, I don't see anything wrong! Your attributions look great

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