My vacation to the country

By mooomooo04

We were driving down a long, dark, country road looking for an inn where we could stay the night. Out of nowhere there appeared a little girl who ran out in front of our car. She was wearing a cute little sun dress, but she appeared to be completely alone. There were no adults anywhere to be seen- and when we tried asking her she did not respond and ran away. We looked for her everywhere but could not find her.

Papa's Camera

By msmith4

Papa took this picture with his 1950s camera at dusk. He and my grandmother were out walking on their farm when she looked to the sky in thought. Only instead of thinking, she screamed out of surprise. My grandfather whipped out his camera and quickly snapped a shot a picture of the strange orbs in the sky.

Haunted Camp

By lryerson

When I used to attend sleep away camp up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, we all told ghost stories at night to try to scary everyone. One night, our counselor told us the story of the daughter of Lady Wentworth (the owner of the land at the time). She used to play in the woods by herself because there were no other little kids around to play with. One night, she disappeared into the woods and never came out. My counselor said that she still haunts the woods of our camp. My cabin mates dared me to go out at midnight and take a picture of the woods. Of course, I brought my best friend with me,...

Ghost Deer

By bellekid

While out with Torchwood searching for a weevil that had been sighted by some common folk, I stumbled upon a ghost of some earth creature wandering the streets. According to Gwen and Ianto it was a deer of sorts. Something more common than I'm used to but still interesting. I was a little upset at first that it had not escaped from the rift but was soon relieved when it did not attack us, like the weevil did soon after.

The deer did approach Owen, somehow unfazed by his dead yet human like form. Possibly sensing that he wasn't actually alive to harm him.

Soon though, it...

rocknroller22's Digital Identity

By rocknroller22

I have created a number of websites for my mom and her art friends. Her website:
I have my own website for my music magazine at
I created a website for David Micsky Construction at
I have created a number of websites like for The Senior Visitors Program which is about to go live:...

750 Words

By Mena

I did the 750 words challenge. I did ten days in a row sorry its turned in a little late.

UncreativePseudonym's Digital Identity

By UncreativePseudonym

While the design of my portfolio may not be the most engaging, I do think the content it showcases is well made, and that it does a good job of showing what I'm like in an academic context. The site's language and various projects catalog my problems with college and give a reasonable representation of my inner monologue when it comes to doing work. As far as audience, I really only expect those associated with our class to view my site, and with that in mind it meets their needs pretty well: there are clear ways to access my various projects, my blogs are available, and there's an...

eachiaa's Digital Identity

By eachiaa

I feel like this project reflected so much about me. It has images that I created and love. Though using CSS was very difficult in my part, I made it as simple yet, as organized as I wanted. Though my blog was not as efficient as I wanted it to be I created this portfolio so that, it can showcase all the work, I’ve done. That is why I kept some of the work I did from my blog. This project really reflects me because, I put so many work that I felt proud of, and by looking through the website you can see what type of person I am, whether it is through photography or my poem, you can tell...

jcurtis1's Digital Identity

By jcurtis1

Overall, I am happy with how my final portfolio turned out. As a complete novice to CSS, Writing Through Digital Media presented a bit of a challenge. Yet I feel like I was able to successfully complete all of the assignments given and display them proudly within this webspace.I wanted to stick with my overall “Green Blog” theme, but perhaps clean up the image a bit and make it slightly more professional. I feel like I accomplished this, as well as showcasing some of my more personal works within the webspace.

I really wanted to incorporate an image I had made myself into the design...

bellekid's Digital Identity

By bellekid

Although the coding of my portfolio was a pain, I think that I accomplished my goals in the end. I was able to showcase a variety of my talents and hobbies through various work I have done both digitally and non digitally. I was able to show that not only am I computer savvy but I also have talents with social networking, photography and with fabric dying and modification. In the future I plan to add other examples of my craft work once I have time to photograph them including things I have sewn, knitted, sandblasted and refinished.

I think that the primary audience for my website...


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