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By aquaman

As I sit back and look at my portfolio I cant help but think that I could have done more. There were ideas I never capitalized on and ideas I could have fleshed out to a greater extent. I imagine that my primary audience is someone around my age that is a 18-25 year old male who like hockey. It is tailored to meet there needs by its simplicity and straight forward layout. I'm sort of pleased with my work. I've fallen short in some aspects and I think gonna above in others. If I was an employer I would have some hesitations about hiring me because I'm not terribly consistent with my...

b4ssm4st3r's Digital Identity

By b4ssm4st3r

There is still so much I want to do to this portfolio! As a matter of fact during dead week I think I will continue editing it. Yet when we were given the topic of creating a portfolio I immediately recognized the advantages of keeping its design fluid. The reason being that people can actually see what I am learning every time they visit the portfolio. Not only does it showcase the work I have done in the past, but it can also show what I am learning. That is why I decided to create a current projects section as well. I think it would be beneficial for myself if I can show possible...

spbr90's Digital Identity

By spbr90

I am very pleased with the outcome of my web page. Although it might not be perfect, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with CSS since prior to this semester, I did not even know what CSS was. I think that the design of the page gives off the vibe that I intended it too. It is fun, yet classy and simple, which I believe strongly reflects the subject matter of the site. I do not really intend to use the site for anything other than my own personal enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others, and for the assignments for this class, so I believe that it works extremely well for its...

annie.bru's Digital Identity

By annie.bru

I enjoyed creating the final project. I definitely hit a few hitches on the way. My first issue was actually getting my domain name running the way it was supposed to be. I realized that I made a mistake earlier mapping my blog to my domain. Whenever I typed in the domain name it rerouted me to the page at blogspot, instead of the other way around. Luckily, I was able to work that out. I ended up linking my blog from this semester to the site as a separate link, rather than trying to combine them. I think this works better for the site because my blog was focused on a fairly specific topic...

msmith4's Digital Identity

By msmith4

I feel that my online portfolio reflects my personal favorite design aesthetics. Combining clarity and readability, I successfully created the crisp and clean design which I desire so much. The text is large and the colors that I chose to incorporate are easy on the eyes. Each physical section is marked off and makes the whole thing a bit easier to navigate and gives definition. My home page is welcoming and not too austere. I included my contact information just in case. At the core, I wanted visitors to feel free to poke around and act a little nosey. The whole site is designed to...

KayTee07's Digital Identity

By KayTee07

I am pleased with my site overall. I had high hopes for the chance to get my works online (with the need to apply to jobs looming over my head, it's always nice to have a resume-builder option) and organized. I wanted to create something that really showed not just my skills, but a little something about me as well. I was happy to locate some fairly cool pictures I had taken over the years and upload them to the site; I feel that the "Photos" section gives it a nice "me" touch. If employers decide to check out this site, there is a chance that they will ho-hum through a few of my analyses...

ymoon's Digital Identity

By ymoon

There are 10 significant changes I made to the existing design.
1) Changed body background with the image I made. I made a box to put all things inside of the big box.
2) Changed font and color of font in the body. (include title of comments)
3) Changed the background-color of container, where pictures are shown.
4) Changed the background-color of header, where title is shown.
5) Added the picture of shapes into top right corner of page. (made a symbol of portfolio)
6) Changed back-ground color of blog-description to emphasize the phrase “portfolio 2011...

hexadismal's Digital Identity

By hexadismal

When first beginning the design process of my portfolio, I knew I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The simplicity of the site makes it easier to navigate and understand. I was unsure as to whether I could handle making the CSS modifications of a more basic template but decided to take on that challenge anyway. This was a good choice, because I believe my website is a better reflection of who I actually am due to my ability to make design choices for myself.

I used Decorative font, because I found it to be one of the easier fonts to read. With a blended background gradient, I...

c0rbs001's Digital Identity

By c0rbs001

I am not going to lie, I am not good at CSS, at all! That being said, this final project was very difficult for me and very frustrating. Having to look up how to structure every single piece of code, I would do it the best I could and it still would not work or look the way I wanted. With four other finals to study for and presentations to prepare for, this project added even more stress with the frustration of just trying to get a project together to turn in. After about 12 days of working on creating my portfolio I still did not have a quality piece to turn in. I began to worry and...

mooomooo04's Digital Identity

By mooomooo04

I decided that I wanted to hand-pick those elements that were most important to me over my four year college career. Since I was a political science major I decided to focus on papers that are most relevant to future employment opportunities. I also added a Powerpoint presentation to display my ability to formulate succinct, articulate and effective presentations. I feel as though these two attributes will be the most desirable and bases off of which future employers will hire me.
The layout of this blog site is very simple which helps to highlight my pages in the left-hand corner...


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