charlierocket's Digital Identity

By charlierocket

Alrighty this is my final project: the online portfolio!
I took the Elements of SEO 1.2 theme from WordPress and set up a pretty cool site.
Changes that I made:
1. I changed the background, uploaded through FTP. The old background was boring and I needed to personalize it.
2. I changed the site icon -> the little CR. This was pretty exciting, I had always been curious about how to change this but had never investigated it. I feel like that icon adds a lot of legitimacy to the site.
3. I filled the two side bars with white so you could read them.

kalki's Digital Identity

By kalki

The site reads like blurbs from a funny/crazy memoir, which is great because I plan to write one before I kick the bucket. The site quite aims to entertain its readers/viewers, and I'd like to add more writing to it (whether still in the form of autobiography or in short stories) and videos of performances as I pursue my new, less-than-conventional drag hobby. (I just learned how to moonwalk, so I won't be moving on for a bit.)

I change interests (and beat chronic illnesses that define me) really quickly, but I have been left with a lot of knowledge and opinions about weird...

lryerson's Digital Identity

By lryerson

Throughout the semester, we have created numerous creative projects which I have never had experience with before. We used new programs, websites, and other tools to create these works. Some of the new things that I used were CSS, HTML, Aviary, UMWBlogs, Tumblr, Twitter, and Prezi. These new tools helped me to further my creativity and enhance my knowledge of internet tools.

In the beginning of the semester, we stated that our goal was to create a positive internet identity. The first day of class, we were told to google our names and talk about what the results were. I remember...

anonnymoose's Digital Identity

By anonnymoose

Overall, I am happy with the way the site looks. It may not be clean or professional, like the site of a graphic designer, but I think it shows that I have at least a decent grasp on the elements of graphic design. More specifically, the site is simple but easy to navigate. I make it explicitly clear in the header that this is a site of academic works, so that the reader should expect a heavy emphasis on text over images. I feel like this may be a major fault on my part, but most of my academic work has been writing papers, and I have no idea how to make that interesting or appealing. The...

canders5's Digital Identity

By canders5

This portfolio website is a product of my final project. Overall this portfolio challenged all the skills I gained throughout the course of the semester in writing through media. I tried to make my site really stand out to viewers with many colors throughout the site. My main purpose for this was to try and catch viewers attention as they search blog sites, so when they see my site and see the colors making them stop and read the site. I also was trying for clarity since we have been stressing clarity through out the whole semester. With just the one paragraph explaining the purpose of...

Emccarthy's Digital Identity

By Emccarthy

The experience of putting together my portfolio was very positive. I am not very skilled in web design, but it was cool to take a step out of my comfort zone and try something new. It was fun putting all of my blog entries into one portfolio, and see all the writing that I accumulated from this class. I am confident in my skills as a writer, so this was a good oppurtunity to improve upon those skills. I had a very good experience in this class, and I hope to gain more confidence in web design and further my understanding of CSS.

rflahert's Digital Identity

By rflahert

I wanted to keep the overall design of the website very easy and simple. I wanted my work to be able to stand for itself. For the home screen I kept it as a blog style. I changed the first post to introduce visitors to my site. Any new updates about myself or what I am doing will replace that initial post going forward. I kept the homepage open so that the reader's eyes would navigate towards the top bar underneath the title. Here is where all my individual pages are. I decided to add my essays as separate pages for now because I only included three. However, going forward I would probably...

Gidget's Digital Identity

By Gidget

This final project really encompassed our work over the entire semester, especially placing the emphasis on the "digital" in "Writing through Digital Media". It really required a lot of thought to come up with a product that effectively translated myself and my work into a cohesive digital identity. I wanted it to be a reflection of myself, which I hope is evident in the mix between its simplistic appearance but thoughtful content. The portfolio had to showcase my work, as well as showcase itself as my own work as well. I hope that I have created such a webpage with my VERY limited CSS...

hl2990's Digital Identity

By hl2990

For this final project I transformed my ordinary blog layout into a much more refined website. My goal in redesigning my site was to achieve a more professional feel and I wanted to keep the layout relatively simple. I did not create any floating boxes, though they are visually interesting and a more advanced use of CSS, I did not want my site to be confusing and cluttered. The challenge of this assignment was deciding how I wanted to represent myself. This site could be viewed by many people, but unlike my previous blog site where I could hide behind an anonymous username (New Beginnings...

Kelly O'Grady - A Professional Portfolio

By noregisjustkelly

Overall, I’m extremely excited about what I’ve created throughout the past semester. I have worked hard on image editing projects and am proud of how far I have come in the CSS realm of things. It’s nice to be able to give advice to those around me who need help and it’s so much fun to code and recode parts of my websites to make them look the way I want them to. It took a lot of time and work the past week or so to make my pages come together and look this way. I haven’t really been proud of much work I’ve done this semester because most of it is just going through the motions of...


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