Angry Birds

By KayTee07

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help defend the birds against the pigs who have stolen their precious eggs. You must help the feathered kamikaze creatures as they attempt to prevail against the evil green enemy.

How to play Checkers

By noregisjustkelly

A very basic explanation of how to play checkers!


By kwimm14

Dangers and rules of Monopoly!!

Settler of Catan: Basic Rules

By ModernSelkie

The basic rules of Settler of Catan.


By TeaLeaf

I attempted to describe the rules of Jumanji. However, after I got started I remembered how complex game play is.

How to play Jenga!

By hl2990

I made an infographic using Paint that maps out the steps involved in Jenga. I included images to show each successive step in this game and increase viewers' understanding of the rules and strategies. Hints are indicated in red, emphasizing their importance in helping players win this game.

Chocolate World

By Emccarthy

This game is very similar to Candlyland, but has the aspect of Chocolate. I ran out of time on this assignment, but the general rules derive from the game Candyland. If I had more time, I wanted to make a road of chocolate bars. Each time a person rolls the dice, they would get to move as many spaces as they rolled. During the game, the person may stumble upon people who try and prevent them from making it to the factory. But the first one to do so, wins!

How to Crack Mad Gab

By yogini

Mad Gab is one of those games where there are strategies for figuring out how the seemingly jumble of words sounds like a real word or phrase and this flow chart has an easy to follow way of using those different strategies while you are playing.

Lets get TWISTED


Here is a infographic on how to play twister! have fun and dont lose your balance :)


By spbr90

This infographic explains how to play the popular game of sorry! Move around the game board until you reach home. The objective is to get all four of your pieces into your color home space. Follow the instructions on the cards you pick up and try to get to home as fast as you can. Watch out for others trying to bump you back to start!


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