Save Japan

By be88

Collect coins by completing levels one through three in order to get to the final level. The final level will give you a chance to go back in time and prepare for the earthquake and tsunami. Each level has a specific task and you must collect enough water, people, or tools in order to help re-build Japan. If you complete a level you will earn a coin. The game can be played by one or two people. The main character will be the snow monkey and the second player the slow loris.


Your Donations at Work

By noregisjustkelly

I fought over how I wanted to do this infographic for quite some time. I started it a different way at least three times and was more and more frustrated each time. Did I want to show pictures of our event? No, Relay for Life is bigger than that. The percentages of people who fight cancer? No, I need to show something positive and potentially uplifting. The money raised through Relay for Life makes a huge difference in the lives of SO many people each year. The 3.47 billion dollars raised in the past 26 years have changed people’s lives. It provides gas cards to those who can’t...


Tiger Hunt

By jellogymnast11

Tiger Hunt is a fairly simple video game. You are a poacher in India and the goal is to make money off of tigers. This can only be done by directly hunting tigers if you see them. This will not be often though, because they are rare. Your character moves slowly through the jungle unless you decide to cut down some of the vegetation. Then you can move more quickly through the forest and increase the distance you cover, increasing your chances of finding tigers. When you do come across a tiger, you have the option to hunt it with your rifle. If you succeed in killing it, you then have...


College Chutes and Ladders

By annie.bru

Wow! Higher Learning!


Put Spending in Perspective

By annie.bru

This infographic pulls numbers from a couple different articles in the bullet. I designed it to show some of the school's recent spending versus in-state tuition for one student.

Eagle Logos Crack http://umwbullet.com/2011/01/19/eagle-logos-crack/
UMW to Install Artificial Turf http://umwbullet.com/2011/03/16/umw%E2%80%88to-install-artificial-turf/


Pet Population Problem

By chiyochan

This game deals with the issue of the need to spay and neuter (referred to simply as neuter from here forward) pets. The premise is fairly straightforward – keep the town from being overrun by cats. In this one player game, the player first selects a house and clicks on it. Upon doing so, the player is presented with a puzzle. If the player solves the puzzle within the time limit, the cats in the selected house are neutered and can no longer reproduce. If the player does not solve the puzzle within the time limit, the cats in the house are not neutered and reproduce. When reproduction...



By kalki


This is a one-player game, plot-driven, and you can’t win.

“1969” flashes across the screen, then the game opens with a silhouette of a head. Its look is random: it can be fat or thin with any sort of hair style/length. The player clicks the male or female symbol to the head’s right, but the silhouette stays the same no matter which is clicked. A full purple bar, a happiness meter, lies underneath it.

Click on the face after selecting a sex and the screen goes black. Click again and the character is now in the middle of a large, fully stocked closet. The...



By noregisjustkelly

The Basics
Distraction is a game where one single player is in control of the main playing piece, a pawn in the shape of a small person. The game board, as represented in the image included, functions similarly to that of the 1970’s video game Snake. The brain in this scenario has been challenged to accomplish as many tasks in a given amount of time as possible. To accomplish tasks, one must avoid coming into contact with distractions that will hinder movement and speed. To move the pawn, use the four arrow keys on the keyboard (up, down, left, right). The distractions include...



By shannotate

How to play Candyland, yay.


Infographic: Coffee Consumption in the USA

By ModernSelkie

An infographic about the consumption of coffee in the USA, broken down by the amount consumed, how it is consumed, and finally what that means globally.

I used contrast between the white text and coffee stain background to maintain the focus of the piece while adding interest. I selected a serif font for the title and a sans serif for the majority of the text, this creates interest with the title but keeps the majority of the work easy to read. There is contrast with two of the numbers I quote. The numeric portion doesn't always quite fit in with the text around it: it is both...


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