Women Lift Weights

By annie.bru

This is the first draft of my argument on weight training.

Relay for Life

By noregisjustkelly

Relay for Life is the most rewarding group of people on campus and more of the student body should be involved. There’s no reason to sit idly by when you could be fighting back.

Don't Be a Nice Guy on a Joss Whedon Show

By ModernSelkie

This is an essay about how nice guys in Joss Whedon shows always lead horrible lives and have unsuccessful romances.


By yogini

Yoga is a better form of exercise than other cardiovascular workouts such as running.

The World Of Cheerleading

By Mena

When a person looks at an image there are many ways they can interpret it. There is a famous quote that says, “An image is worth a thousand words”, which is true because when a person looks at a image they see different things. Scotty Mcloud in chapter two showed us a picture of just a face and he said “But when you enter the world of the cartoon you see yourself”(Page 36). He drew it seeing himself and when we see it we see our own face, already there are two different pictures being seen. Each part of an image has a special meaning to the whole of the photo. Also, when a photo has a...

Tahrir Freedom

By Galinor

Images are powerful because they are flexible. An image can speak across barriers of language, culture, and time. More importantly, images send complex messages. Their meaning can be multifaceted, can apply to multiple situations. Even an image crafted for a highly specific purpose can maintain its relevance long after the event it referenced is over. Guernica can still horrify, can still ignite feelings of shame over man’s inability to have empathy for his fellows. The image of the tank man, standing against oppression, has power outside of China. Roland Barthes’ essay “Rhetoric of...

Carmelo Anthony is this Summer's The Decision

By rflahert

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but does that age old statement take into consideration who is speaking. Did the author mean that an image spawns discussion from thousands of perspectives or does the image tell its own story by itself? In actuality, neither answer is incorrect and it probably depends on the picture in question; some tend to be more abstract allowing for multiple interpretations while others are simple like the United States Forest Service’s lovable bear that reminds us of our responsibilities. Regardless pictures have messages that they are trying to get the...

A Change in Time

By hl2990

Images are rich sources of information. Advertisements, propaganda, and newspaper all use images to send messages and influence people’s attitudes and behaviors. There are multiple messages communicated through a picture, Roland Barthes’ Rhetoric of the Image describes three different types of messages. Barthes’ analysis of a photograph can be demonstrated on the collage created above; the examination of an image is a tool that allows viewers to better understand how a message is communicated.
The first message Barthes describes is called the linguistic message, which...

Protests Rock the Persian Gulf

By mooomooo04

The Persian Gulf, Egypt and Yemen specifically, have suffered major government protests in the recent weeks. These protests come after a wave of democratic, regime change fervor swept over Tunisia. Many in Egypt are disenchanted with the Mubarek presidency and are exercising their freedom of expression in response. While there have not been any significant breakthroughs, the situation is slowly building to a point of unimaginable tension. The people of Egypt want their voices to be heard, and they are doing all they can to ensure that they are a catalyst of change.


Ghost near my closet

By eachiaa

While I was getting dressed yesterday, I encountered a ghost in my closet. At first I thought it was just a picture or poster, but it was blurry. I ran away cry because i felt it's touch. I now see the ghost in my dreams and feel the touch. Now I am haunted by a ghost, the ghost of my closet.


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