Human Mind

By spbr90

Images can tell a story without using any words at all, or with just a few words for clarification. Some images are created to make a statement about a topic, others to tell a story, and others even as a representation of something else. With just one page or one small portion of a page, an image can say what originally might take up various pages of written work. The creators of images (such as artists, photographers, painters, and computer graphics designers) can choose to include or eliminate any details from their image in order to successfully get across and idea exactly as they...

Boy in the Basement

By chiyochan

There is an old legend that circulated around my dorm freshman year. One of the construction workers who helped build the dorm had to bring his son to work with him one day. He brought his son's bike along so he would have something to keep him entertained. His one rule was to not play near the elevator shaft. While the son was riding his bike in the hallway, he got a little too close and plummeted down the 10 stories to his death. To this day rumors of his ghost being seen in the basement are whispered throughout the dorm. Several years ago I ventured into the basement and returned...

Last photo

By Galinor

I was walking across campus with an old black and white camera when I dropped it. I frantically tried to catch it, but failed. But I bumped it as it fell, and the flash went off. This is the last image on the roll- looks like there is something strange going on there in the bottom left, is that a person?

Have you seen this boy?

By noregisjustkelly

A couple was walking through the woods one day at twilight. The sun was setting behind them as they strolled when they heard rustling in the fallen leaves beyond the path. Looking to the left, they saw a shadow run past them. The young boy's red shirt was a blur as he ran and hid behind a tree. Peeking out from behind the trees, he smiled at the couple and waved. Stunned and scared, the two ran out of the forest and straight to the nearby police station. On the bulletin board just inside the precinct's doors, they saw the same little boy smiling down at them, red shirt and all. His...


By TeaLeaf

Over fall break I visited Gettysburg with my family and boyfriend. Being the photographer in the family I snapped pictures without really paying attention to what I was looking at. When I got home and got a chance to look at the pictures I noticed that there was something strange in one of the pictures. I guess some of the soldiers were not ready to leave yet.

Ghost Fam

By kalki

Their dead kid shows up in the picture.

The Shadow Man

By jcurtis1

So I was walking along an english moore one night when I came upon an interesting ruin. I stopped to snap a quick shot of it and went along my way. When I developed the film...this is what I saw! Creepy!

Painting the Distance

By jellogymnast11

This is a visual representation of just how much painting I have done over the past three summers working on UMW’s student paint crew. I decided to first figure out how many rooms I have cut-in so I counted the number of rooms in each dorm building that I painted. I then compared this number to the number of rooms in a local hotel and discovered that I have painted around seven hotels, based on room number. Because my job is usually to do the cut-in for rooms (painting in the corners of a room where the two walls meet, where the roller cannot reach), I decided to measure the distance...


By jellogymnast11

A beautiful view, a rock, a girl, and a laptop are seen at a glance, most likely in a different order for each viewer. This image may bring up multiple questions about its validity and message based on how the observer interprets it.

In this picture, I am sitting on top of a rock, looking out at the water that separates the mainland from an island, Magnetic Island, off of the coast of Queensland, Australia. This picture can be interpreted in various ways. The literal meaning of this image, in terms of Roland Barthes' analysis of images, is that I am on top of a rock,...

The NEW Buzz in LA


With regards to my blog spot I created “The Buzz" based on my love of sports that I have had since a young age and that effects just about everything I do from the types of movies I watch to what school I attend. Its general purpose is to keep people informed and updated about happenings in the sports world, specifically basketball this time of year. Sports have become ubiquitous in today's society and it is impossible to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing pages dedicated to sports. People often dismiss sports as not important when there is so much going on in the world today,...


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