Dungeons and Dragons

By Galinor

This is one of the ways to play, anyway. My goal was to encapsulate the beginner's D&D experience.


sarahdawes's Digital Identity

By sarahdawes

My final portfolio is not too far removed from the original Wordpress theme, but I liked the simplicity of their design enough to keep many of the stylistic techniques in my own site. I did do a few major edits, like change the photo of the header to an artistic-looking shot of me at the Mississippi River. I liked how the photo brought attention to myself (being that this IS my portfolio) but it's also a scenic image. I actually photoshoped the photo a bit because there were a few people off to the side who I didn't want to be in the picture.

This finished version of my portfolio...


ModernSelkie's Digital Identity

By ModernSelkie

I think that my webdesign front page is very professional looking, and in the style of my blog, which I felt was important for thematic reasons. It did not match as well as I might like (since I was limited in how much I could modify on my wordpress blog, and I had to modify this site as part of the requirement for the project). There are a few things I would change, such as removing the date of the 'post' on the front page. I tried everything I could think of to remove it, but I think that changing that would require me going deeper into the code than this stylesheet would allow me. I...


Getting to Class

By charlierocket

This is a flash based game where the main game board is the birds eye view of the campus (originally created by Design Services) while interacting with challenges on the way - crossing the road, avoiding a squirrel throwing acrons at you, filing a FAFSA, and jumping over the puddle in front of Combs. When you reach these places the screen shoots, Pokemon style, to the challenge screens. You must get from Eagle Village to Combs in under 10 minutes.


In loving memory

By c0rbs001

Simply click on the different candles to keep them shining bright


Facebook: Playing with Reality

By hexadismal

The rules of Facebook as a game are essentially defined by the capabilities and limitations of Facebook. The player can use whatever tools Facebook provides, including editing personal information, posting on walls, commenting, sending messages, adding pictures and videos, linking to websites, etc.

The game consists mostly of manipulation and attack.

The player edits and adds information in order to alter the reality of facebook drastically from the reality of life. For example, a player can claim to be in a relationship when she is actually single. The...


GO HELP! game: Process

By eachiaa

The player has to go through all four levels, to help the community. You can win! Follow all tasks presented in each level, and make the community and patients content. You can, at any time ask for help, just invite a friend to help, this will get the job done quicker. Last, the main goal is to reach out to more people so they all can help, and this will be a worldwide chain of volunteers.


The Procrastination Game

By Mena

My game is simple, try to get out of the maze as fast as you can without being distracted. Along the way out of the maze there are levels that you have to overcome proving how committed you are in getting out without the simplest of things distracting you. My game can be one player or a two player game and you have the option of being any cell phone you want to. The reason why I choose cell phones is that in some occasions they can be distracting and causes humans a lot of their time. In order to win the game you have to complete the maze under a certain amount of time. In every level, you...



By yogini

You are the server on the screen. The point of the game is to make money and keep all of your tables happy. The dotted box outlines your section and you are responsible for all of the tables in that section. When a table is sat it is outlined in a darker line. On the table is the amount of the bill at that table and the meter above it is your table's happiness level. The happiness level determines your tip percentage of the total bill. The table blinks yellow when the people at the table need something and you have to click on that table and get them what they need by then clicking...


A Weather Eye

By Galinor

A Weather Eye is a single player game, designed to be playable both in a simple online format (such as flash) or as an app for mobile phone. The goal of the game is simple. Commander Keen must escape the planet Limaticus, but Mortimer has thrown the planet’s weather into flux with four diabolical machines. The machines are causing the planet to become warmer. Keen must disable the machines with his internal combustication discombobulator. But once Keen returns to his ship, he finds that the damage to the weather patterns has changed his liftoff algorithm. Keen must accurately tell the...


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