“Our Mother Earth”

By jcurtis1

On their own, pictures can undoubtedly be meaningful. But the combined effect of certain images, if used properly, can have an infinitely more powerful effect. This particular image is iconic of Roland Barthes’s notion (portrayed in Rhetoric of the Image) of several individual parts comprising a whole. Although each picture here tells a story, the image as a whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

It is no secret that environmental issues are a growing global concern. Barely a day goes by when some new ecological catastrophe doesn’t make the front page. With all...

Everything But

By KayTee07

“I swear, she packed everything for the trip but the kitchen sink.”

With regards to the blog I created, “Everything but the kitchen sink” meant more than just a catchy phrase to me; it provided me with the creative flexibility to put up whatever I wanted on my blog, without worrying about any restrictions. I think, to get a little philosophical for a moment, that in life if we want to really feel like we have lived it to the fullest, I would hope that the experiences were limitless, without boundaries, and included everything but the kitchen sink, figuratively speaking. I wanted my...

Govern Yourself and You Can Govern the World

By Gidget

There is a Chinese proverb that says “govern yourself and you can govern the world”, even centuries later simple words of advice still hold meaning in our modern “carry-out” message oriented world. A recurring theme in the lives of many is the eternal quest for good fortune and success, but oftentimes the means used to achieve these are simple life lessons taken to heart paired with diligence and a willingness to shape one’s own path. The image I have created is a snapshot of the modern search for meaning in which convenience has become a necessity and self-improvement can start in your...

The Belgian Federation

By anonnymoose

Belgium is considered by most people to be a relatively insignificant country tucked into northwestern continental Europe. And while the country is indeed small, it is far from insignificant. In fact, this little patch of land has been the focus of conquest for almost every European empire since Julius Caesar’s armies drove out the Celts from the area around 54 AD. Belgium, as a result, never really developed a singular national identity. Instead, two very distinct cultural groups arose that were often at odds with one another, but decided to enter into the “marriage contract” that defines...

Home Away From Home

By Emccarthy

At the age of five, I remember being on the beach of Emerald Isle, North Carolina. 18 years later, Emerald Isle has become my home away from home. I am overwhelmed with joy when I reminisce through all the memories that my summers spent in North Carolina have given me. The image I have uploaded and modified is a picture taken by my Aunt Mary of the beautiful August sunset in Emerald Isle. In the horizon, you can see the faces of my family members who I have spent these amazing summers with. When I look at the image I see the picture of my family "looking down" on the place where we...

Sister House

By canders5

This was a picture taken of my house that burnt down when I was 6. We all survived that day, but one of us. That was my 11 year old sister. She was asleep and we couldnt find her. Every year when we come visit we see flashes of her, and she haunts the house to this very day.

my asian butterfly


My family owns a large plot of land that my private motocross track is located on, also on this large plot of land there is an old field house in the woods. we would have demolished this house but we decided that we would put a refridgerator in it so when my friends are out riding on a hot day we can go to the old house for shade and to get a gatorade from the refridgerator. this past weekend a few of my friends and i were taking a break from riding and decided to treat ourselves to some ice cold gatorades. We hoped off our race bikes and leaned them up against the house as we usually do...

teacher returns!!!

By Stan_d_up

I remember the moment exactly.... The whole class was just sitting there when suddenly a spirit of a an teacher came floating by. I got my phone out just in time to take this picture before he vanished again.

Museum Ghost

By hl2990

A few years ago my grandparents told me about a startling vacation they took to Europe 40 years ago. Like most tourists they went on tours of different castles, cathedrals, and museums, but one museum in Paris stuck out from the rest. While my grandparents were viewing one of the galleries by themselves they said they felt a strong wind come through the room. Since the window was closed they guessed it must have been their imagination. A few weeks later when they were looking through the pictures they took of that room they were shocked to find a boy reaching to open the window. I did not...

Ghost Spotted

By spbr90

While traveling through Brazil I stopped by a tourist town called Campos do Jordão where I visited Palácio Boa Vista - a mansion where government officials often stay. Many years ago, my grandfather worked for the Brazilian government and often took his family (including my mom) on trips to stay in this mansion. My mother has told me many stories of her times there, including ones of strange events that she witnessed while staying there. I had never witnessed any of these events and always thought my mother was just trying to frighten or intrigue me. However, when I was there going on a...


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