The Forgotten Little Boy

By kwimm14

Back in 1897 Jack was left behind when his family got run out of town. His parents were into dealing drugs, gambling their money away, etc. Jack was always forgotten, never attended school and always on the streets. Late one night Jack was at home alone, waiting for his parents to come home from "work", hoping to be fed that night. Three weeks later his parents never showed up. Little Jack didn't survive much longer. He was left in this abandon run down house with no food or water and too young to know what to do. There is now a rumor if you go to the house at sundown you can see the sad...

My vacation to the country

By mooomooo04

We were driving down a long, dark, country road looking for an inn where we could stay the night. Out of nowhere there appeared a little girl who ran out in front of our car. She was wearing a cute little sun dress, but she appeared to be completely alone. There were no adults anywhere to be seen- and when we tried asking her she did not respond and ran away. We looked for her everywhere but could not find her.

Papa's Camera

By msmith4

Papa took this picture with his 1950s camera at dusk. He and my grandmother were out walking on their farm when she looked to the sky in thought. Only instead of thinking, she screamed out of surprise. My grandfather whipped out his camera and quickly snapped a shot a picture of the strange orbs in the sky.

Haunted Camp

By lryerson

When I used to attend sleep away camp up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, we all told ghost stories at night to try to scary everyone. One night, our counselor told us the story of the daughter of Lady Wentworth (the owner of the land at the time). She used to play in the woods by herself because there were no other little kids around to play with. One night, she disappeared into the woods and never came out. My counselor said that she still haunts the woods of our camp. My cabin mates dared me to go out at midnight and take a picture of the woods. Of course, I brought my best friend with me,...

Ghost Deer

By bellekid

While out with Torchwood searching for a weevil that had been sighted by some common folk, I stumbled upon a ghost of some earth creature wandering the streets. According to Gwen and Ianto it was a deer of sorts. Something more common than I'm used to but still interesting. I was a little upset at first that it had not escaped from the rift but was soon relieved when it did not attack us, like the weevil did soon after.

The deer did approach Owen, somehow unfazed by his dead yet human like form. Possibly sensing that he wasn't actually alive to harm him.

Soon though, it...

Challenge: Flowchart

By aquaman

In this challenge I plan to create a flow chart of a day for me and the number of decisions that I have to make in a day. My goal is to make it as entertaining and informative as possible.

Hays Code

By b4ssm4st3r

I wanted to do something related to my Senior Thesis for this project and I decided to focus on the Hays Code. The reason why I picked this is because it is kind of confusing to understand because of all the changes and because Hollywood ignored it for a lengthy period of time. The problem with visualizing such a complicated topic is well... visualizing the layout. In a way I wish I had put more thought into this one because I am not completely happy with the result.

For one thing, it looks to busy for me for some reason. I attribute this to the cartoons I had found, in a way they...

First Come, First Serve

By be88

Unfortunately, I am not very savvy with using image editors, so there was a lot more I wanted to accomplish with my image, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Anyway, my image is data collected on student debt in the '08-'09 school year. For my other challenge my argument was about graduation ceremony and the seating being first come first serve. This image is a way of supporting my argument. In my original persuasive essay I talked about how hard students had worked to graduate from a top university and how it would be unfair that their family members aren't guaranteed a seat to...

Facebook has taken over the world!

By Emccarthy

Today, Facebook is popular around the world. I am sure most of you have said at one point..."Hey, i'll facebook you." My information project presents the popularity of facebook around the globe. Presently, facebook has 600 million active users. Additionally, 41.6% of the United States population has an active facebook account. Personally, I am a huge facebook fan. I find myself spending countless hours browsing my mini feed and attempting to keep up with the latest status updates. A world without facebook doesn't seem possible at this point in time.

It's a matter of pride!

By aquaman

DC and Pittsburgh are two cities that take sports very seriously from the high school level to the professional level. The goal of this infographic was to debate which city is a better city for sports lovers. It was difficult to figure out what I wanted to make this about, I'm not really an idea man but i can do the design stuff when I've got the tools. Though I'm not totally happy with this project, I'm going to look into other editors like prezi or gimp. As for the four design principles, I honestly didnt very well with them. The text has good proximity and there is repetition. But...


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