How Much Sodium Do YOU Ingest?

By mooomooo04

Ever since I read an article on a health food and diet website about sodium and how it can cause health problems I have been carefully monitoring the amount of sodium in the foods that I eat. I check the back of just about every package, carton and every menu to make sure I stick as close to the 2,300mg recommended serving as possible. You would be surprised at how hard it is to follow the FDA’s guidelines. For instance, an example I used in my project was pancakes. A serving of pancakes from a fast food restaurant comprises almost half of your total daily sodium. Also, before I went...

Childhood Obesity

By annie.bru

My goal for this infographic was to help people become aware of the alarming rates of childhood obesity with just a few key numbers. As a nation, obesity is a huge problem for many adults, and poses even more threats to children.

I really care about health and fitness, so I figured out fairly early that fitness would be my focus for the infographic. I looked into different health statistics, and was struck by the statistics about childhood obesity in the United States. I used “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2010,” a report on obesity done by,...

The Dream Act

By Mena

After two attempts to pass the Dream Act, both times were unsuccessful. The first attempt for this act was August 2001, and the second attempt was March 2009, both ended up having new revisions made to the original act. With the failure of passing this act million of good students are being denied basic opportunities for higher education. Every year about 65,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from high school. Most of the students who graduate are on the honor role, take part in leadership roles, are star athletes, but all of them have a thirst for knowledge. The majorities of these...

Info graphic: Increase Volunteering

By eachiaa

Using the main topic of my blog, this info graphic is about the distributions volunteering within different age groups in America. The act of volunteering has increased in the last three years amongst middle age adults. But there should be more people helping out from the ages of 14-54. Getting involved shows evidence of reducing antisocial and violent behaviors. The more people are involved with the community the less likely they will commit crimes. Requirement of community service does not only limit crime rates, but it also helps students reconnect themselves with the natural world....

The Endurance

By Galinor

The Endurance Expedition was certifiably the most shit-tastic time you could have on a boat. Their goal was to be the first crew to cross the Antarctic continent, but their ship became trapped in the ice. They were forced to attempt to escape across the ice after their ship sank. Nearly every possible catastrophe occurred, but somehow the entire (human) crew survived. While they did not reach Antarctica, or the pole, Shackleton, leader of the expedition, was the first to ever cross the Island of South Georgia.

The infographic is only very roughly representative of distance and time...

The Seafood Industry's Affect on the World's Oceans

By jcurtis1

For my infographic assignment, I decided to pick a topic I am passionate about and that relates to my blog theme of Green News. The Seafood Industry’s affect on the world’s oceans is a hot topic in environmental studies today, and one that I have researched heavily for my senior seminar presentation in Environmental Science. Although most of the news associated with this topic is negative and correlates with environmental degradation, there is some hope on the horizon for the future of the industry. This graphic, through the use of Robin Williams’ principles of Contrast, Repetition,...

Losing the Nutrients

By KayTee07

I wanted to create something with the possibility of visual simplicity. When I came across the information regarding the depletion of minerals from many of our major food sources, I knew there was some major potential to use images and symbols to get across that basic information.
There is the central idea, conveyed by the simple title "Losing The Nutrients." These are the largest words on the page, and should draw attention to them first. I also changed the color and design on the font to draw the eye. I also let the positioning of the words (at a downward "staircase" angle) to fit...

Drinking Age in the U.S. should be Lowered

By spbr90

The drinking age in the United States should be lowered because it often only leads to underage drinking and binges. Binges are extremely detrimental to one's health as it could lead to many poor decisions and health issues including liver damage. I believe that if the drinking age in the United States was once again lowered to 18, the excitement novelty of being able to drink would decrease, and people would be less tempted to go on binges. I also believe that if the drinking age were lowered, people would learn their tolerance better and be less inclined to engage in dangerous behavior....

Science and Faith

By hexadismal

Science and faith are generally perceived as mutually exclusive pursuits. One studying science is often thought to be without any desire or need for faith, and the same applies vice versa. This flowchart suggests that, though there is a lot of volleying back and forth on which side is the “right” side, there is a place where the two inevitably meet.

It took a long time for me to think of this idea, let alone begin the design for it. My general theme in the class assignments has been the amateurization of art, but I found this a hard topic to convert to data. Instead, I went with...

U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

By lryerson

Pets are a very important part of a lot of American families. They provide fun, comfort, cuteness, and in some cases, protection. People will go to many lengths to take good care of their pets.

As most people are aware, for the past couple of years, the economy has not been good. Prices are rising and falling, people are losing their jobs, and spending less money. However, there are a few things that have not been affected by the economy. One of those things is the amount of money that people spend on their pets. Since 1994, the billions of dollars that American families spend on...


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