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teacher returns!!!

By Stan_d_up

I remember the moment exactly.... The whole class was just sitting there when suddenly a spirit of a an teacher came floating by. I got my phone out just in time to take this picture before he vanished again.


College Chutes and Ladders

By annie.bru

Wow! Higher Learning!


Put Spending in Perspective

By annie.bru

This infographic pulls numbers from a couple different articles in the bullet. I designed it to show some of the school's recent spending versus in-state tuition for one student.

Eagle Logos Crack
UMW to Install Artificial Turf



By shannotate

How to play Candyland, yay.


Flower Girl

By shannotate

My grandmother always used to tell me the story of the little flower girl, Phyllis. Phyllis was grandma's younger cousin who had been volunteered to walk down the aisle, throwing roses at my grandmother's wedding. She had offered to go pick the flowers herself in the back of our now old house, in the forest where we'd walk our dog. I doing so one day and came upon this field of white flowers and saw a quick flash of white light. My camera was able to capture details that my eye couldn't see, and when I got home to develop the film, this is what I saw. They had looked for Phyllis for...



By yogini

Every time I go over to my friend's house, I keep catching glimpses of this guy looking in through the window. The only problem is that I never see him actually in the window, I only see him in the mirror looking through the window. Weird right? My friend swears she's never seen this "guy looking through the window in the mirror before" and thinks I'm a little crazy and paranoid that people are watching us. Well this time I managed to take a pic with my phone that got the window without anyone in it and the mirror with the guy creepin. She believes me now, but new questions arise, who...


Creepy Catherine

By Emccarthy

Have you ever read Harry Potter? Then you must know about Moaning Myrtle. She haunts the girls bathroom in the Hogwarts castle. Well, this young ghost represented in my picture, is Moaning Myrtle's sister. Creepy Catherine roams around the street in which she got killed by the same snake that instantly killed her sister Myrtle. Catherine hides around the street during the day, but when the sun goes down she comes out and haunts all the villagers.


Dungeons and Dragons

By Galinor

This is one of the ways to play, anyway. My goal was to encapsulate the beginner's D&D experience.

Ghost of Virginia Hall

By sarahdawes

Heard rumors of the ghost of Virginia Hall? I had too, but didn't believe any of it until I came across this picture my sophomore year here at Mary Wash. A friend of mine was living in Virginia Hall and needed some floor boards replaced due to wear and tear. Before the workmen came by to fix everything, my friend and I were checking out the damage and a floorboard broke. We dug up this picture from underneath - proof of the supernatural at Mary Washington.


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