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Last photo

By Galinor

I was walking across campus with an old black and white camera when I dropped it. I frantically tried to catch it, but failed. But I bumped it as it fell, and the flash went off. This is the last image on the roll- looks like there is something strange going on there in the bottom left, is that a person?

Have you seen this boy?

By noregisjustkelly

A couple was walking through the woods one day at twilight. The sun was setting behind them as they strolled when they heard rustling in the fallen leaves beyond the path. Looking to the left, they saw a shadow run past them. The young boy's red shirt was a blur as he ran and hid behind a tree. Peeking out from behind the trees, he smiled at the couple and waved. Stunned and scared, the two ran out of the forest and straight to the nearby police station. On the bulletin board just inside the precinct's doors, they saw the same little boy smiling down at them, red shirt and all. His...


By TeaLeaf

Over fall break I visited Gettysburg with my family and boyfriend. Being the photographer in the family I snapped pictures without really paying attention to what I was looking at. When I got home and got a chance to look at the pictures I noticed that there was something strange in one of the pictures. I guess some of the soldiers were not ready to leave yet.

Ghost Fam

By kalki

Their dead kid shows up in the picture.

The Shadow Man

By jcurtis1

So I was walking along an english moore one night when I came upon an interesting ruin. I stopped to snap a quick shot of it and went along my way. When I developed the film...this is what I saw! Creepy!

Unusual Pictures from Gettysburg

By ModernSelkie

While visiting some friends near Gettysburg, we visited the battlefield. I look a Diana + with some black and white 35mm film, and snapped a few shots. This, weirdly enough, was one of them.

Old Man

By annie.bru

I bought a used car but I think the old owner is still hanging around...

Burned Building

By charlierocket

My grandparents recently died and left me their farm. I walked around the property taking inventory of the place with my camera when I happened upon an old structure. The structure suffered smoke and fire damage and, against my better judgment, decided to explore. I took a few shots of the interior, knowing it would be demolished soon. When the bulb flashed from this picture I saw the smoky figure of a young girl in a ballerina outfit. My heart jumped and I ran from the place, got in the car and called my mom. She said that her parents used to rent the small house out to families,...

Empty hotel

By ymoon

This hotel was involved in mass murder but no one knows who killed them.
It's been about 5 years since that event occured. People who past this hotel at night see white light
pass in front of them and a lady who wanders from place to place.
Now this hotel is in a decay and does not operate anymore.
Every twelve O'clock, the terrible screams of many women come of the rooms and voices of cry for help.


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