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Poor Grandma

By c0rbs001

Gathering to take a family picture for their home, the Partridge children are seemingly not the only ones to appear in this photo. If only they were nicer to their loving grandmother before she passed away. All grandma tried to do was teach her grandchildren to respect their elders and to be part of their lives, but this was to no avail. Little Jimmy thought it would be amusing to see his nagging grandmother fall down the stairs, not realizing that would take her life.

Stop the Ride, She Wants to Get Off

By Gidget

Legend has it that years ago at the old amusement park, a little girl would ride the carousel over and over, refusing to leave until closing time. They say one night, she never came home. The whole town was out searching, but to no avail. Eventually her memory faded into local legend, but sometimes on warm summer nights, you may not be the only one on carousel at closing time.

sad bride

By Mena

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Objectivism Objected

By hexadismal

Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism was rarely realized outside of her published works in the 1930's, with the greatest example being Howard Roark of her novel *The Fountainhead*. His construction of buildings came from his purpose alone, not conforming to the desires or norms of society. Rand is back to haunt the abysmal reality of life.

Light and Shadow

By anonnymoose

While walking home late one night, i noticed that all of the rooms in this building had the lights on, which was unusual for this part of town. I was going to just walk away when I heard footsteps on the overpass leading to the building. I turned, but no one was there. The footsteps continued, so I took a picture, thinking the flash would scare off any pursuer. I was shocked by the shadow that loomed from the image on my camera. It wasn't someone following me, but something more sinister.

Shanty Town Tragedy

By rflahert

This shanty town was abandoned after a terrible accident involving an adjacent chemical factory exploded emitting toxins into the air. Most of the particulate matter settled in the shanty poisoning its inhabitants immediately. One child however, was not in the immediate area at the time of the explosion, and upon his return to the village found all his friends and family dead. He would suffer for three days before dying from the toxins of the chemical factory. Some say that on a bright and sunny day, the kind that is perfect for child's play the ghost of the lost child can be seen.


By b4ssm4st3r

Kaori is Japanese spirit known to be a trickster, in a past life she was in fact a Geisha. Here I snapped a photo of her as she was about to pull a prank on poor Airi. Most likely, she would have spilled the tea pot had she not realized I had in fact seen her. However that was not to be the end of my experience with Kaori, this trickster had something up her sleeve. As I opened the photos on my computer to edit them, slightly of course, she prevented me from doing so! Not once! But twice! I am positive that she shut down my photo program as revenge for discovering the evidence of her...

Facebook Clairvoyance

By LuckyFaith

During the ice storm last week, my dog started into her full body-wiggle, which is her way of saying she needs to go outside. I was slow to remove myself from the couch, so she took her request to the next level with her original series of melodic, staccato tones. I grabbed my phone on the way to the backdoor and slid the glass open for her. She rocketed into the backyard.

While waiting for her to complete her business, I snapped a picture of the icicles that formed on our back stoop railing and gazebo. I took a minute to upload the picture to Facebook to show our California...


By rocknroller22

I moved into a historical house one winter for a project for my history course. The house was both beautiful and delicate but freezing at night since the cold air crept it's way through the baseboards. Since me and Vanessa, my lab partner, couldn't sleep we decided to check out the graveyard in the backyard. We had heard that the family had been buried in the backyard. I snapped this picture while we out there to add to our portfolio. When I ran it through the black room I thought I saw a ghost on the brick wall of the house but I am not sure if it's just the shadows of that night what do...

Knocking on my window

By be88

I was taking a road trip to Minnesota to visit my grandparents in our RV. It was me, my fiance, my sister, mom, and dad. We had stopped somewhere in Illinois to take a break from driving and to have lunch. We were obviously out in farm country and as I was eating my lunch I was startled by what seemed to be knocking on the back side window. I jumped up eager to see if some random person was trying to get in. To my surprise I saw nothing and no one. My fiance thought that I was losing my mind and that it would be funny to take a picture of me running to the window. When he aimed the...


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