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Museum Ghost

By hl2990

A few years ago my grandparents told me about a startling vacation they took to Europe 40 years ago. Like most tourists they went on tours of different castles, cathedrals, and museums, but one museum in Paris stuck out from the rest. While my grandparents were viewing one of the galleries by themselves they said they felt a strong wind come through the room. Since the window was closed they guessed it must have been their imagination. A few weeks later when they were looking through the pictures they took of that room they were shocked to find a boy reaching to open the window. I did not...

Ghost Spotted

By spbr90

While traveling through Brazil I stopped by a tourist town called Campos do Jordão where I visited Palácio Boa Vista - a mansion where government officials often stay. Many years ago, my grandfather worked for the Brazilian government and often took his family (including my mom) on trips to stay in this mansion. My mother has told me many stories of her times there, including ones of strange events that she witnessed while staying there. I had never witnessed any of these events and always thought my mother was just trying to frighten or intrigue me. However, when I was there going on a...

The Forgotten Little Boy

By kwimm14

Back in 1897 Jack was left behind when his family got run out of town. His parents were into dealing drugs, gambling their money away, etc. Jack was always forgotten, never attended school and always on the streets. Late one night Jack was at home alone, waiting for his parents to come home from "work", hoping to be fed that night. Three weeks later his parents never showed up. Little Jack didn't survive much longer. He was left in this abandon run down house with no food or water and too young to know what to do. There is now a rumor if you go to the house at sundown you can see the sad...

My vacation to the country

By mooomooo04

We were driving down a long, dark, country road looking for an inn where we could stay the night. Out of nowhere there appeared a little girl who ran out in front of our car. She was wearing a cute little sun dress, but she appeared to be completely alone. There were no adults anywhere to be seen- and when we tried asking her she did not respond and ran away. We looked for her everywhere but could not find her.

Papa's Camera

By msmith4

Papa took this picture with his 1950s camera at dusk. He and my grandmother were out walking on their farm when she looked to the sky in thought. Only instead of thinking, she screamed out of surprise. My grandfather whipped out his camera and quickly snapped a shot a picture of the strange orbs in the sky.

Haunted Camp

By lryerson

When I used to attend sleep away camp up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, we all told ghost stories at night to try to scary everyone. One night, our counselor told us the story of the daughter of Lady Wentworth (the owner of the land at the time). She used to play in the woods by herself because there were no other little kids around to play with. One night, she disappeared into the woods and never came out. My counselor said that she still haunts the woods of our camp. My cabin mates dared me to go out at midnight and take a picture of the woods. Of course, I brought my best friend with me,...

Ghost Deer

By bellekid

While out with Torchwood searching for a weevil that had been sighted by some common folk, I stumbled upon a ghost of some earth creature wandering the streets. According to Gwen and Ianto it was a deer of sorts. Something more common than I'm used to but still interesting. I was a little upset at first that it had not escaped from the rift but was soon relieved when it did not attack us, like the weevil did soon after.

The deer did approach Owen, somehow unfazed by his dead yet human like form. Possibly sensing that he wasn't actually alive to harm him.

Soon though, it...

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I finally finished my 10 day challenge:)

Challenge: Flowchart

By aquaman

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