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Haunted Camp

By lryerson

When I used to attend sleep away camp up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, we all told ghost stories at night to try to scary everyone. One night, our counselor told us the story of the daughter of Lady Wentworth (the owner of the land at the time). She used to play in the woods by herself because there were no other little kids around to play with. One night, she disappeared into the woods and never came out. My counselor said that she still haunts the woods of our camp. My cabin mates dared me to go out at midnight and take a picture of the woods. Of course, I brought my best friend with me,...

Ghost Deer

By bellekid

While out with Torchwood searching for a weevil that had been sighted by some common folk, I stumbled upon a ghost of some earth creature wandering the streets. According to Gwen and Ianto it was a deer of sorts. Something more common than I'm used to but still interesting. I was a little upset at first that it had not escaped from the rift but was soon relieved when it did not attack us, like the weevil did soon after.

The deer did approach Owen, somehow unfazed by his dead yet human like form. Possibly sensing that he wasn't actually alive to harm him.

Soon though, it...

Challenge: Flowchart

By aquaman

In this challenge I plan to create a flow chart of a day for me and the number of decisions that I have to make in a day. My goal is to make it as entertaining and informative as possible.

It's a matter of pride!

By aquaman

DC and Pittsburgh are two cities that take sports very seriously from the high school level to the professional level. The goal of this infographic was to debate which city is a better city for sports lovers. It was difficult to figure out what I wanted to make this about, I'm not really an idea man but i can do the design stuff when I've got the tools. Though I'm not totally happy with this project, I'm going to look into other editors like prezi or gimp. As for the four design principles, I honestly didnt very well with them. The text has good proximity and there is repetition. But...

Turkey Donations

By jellogymnast11

At the end of last semester, 964 UMW students each used 10 meals of their meal plans to donate a turkey to a local food bank. The large pyramid of turkeys shows both the number of turkeys that were donated and the number of meals that were put toward this cause by students. This goes to show that many students do not use up all of their meals for the semester but they are willing to put them toward a good cause, such as the food bank.

UMW Tuition Increase

By KayTee07

Looking at the proposed tuition increase for UMW, and comparing it to the increases recently implemented by other random schools around the country.

Athletics Budget Important

By yogini

This informative data shows the change in budget allocations for athletics in the 2009-2010 year where the budget decreased. Looking at that in comparison to the years before it that had significant increases in the budget each year, this graph begs the question, what's going to happen in the future? Will the budget continue to decrease? Student athletics are very important for the Mary Washington community and the budget must keep increasing or at least stop decreasing so that student athletes can continue to compete at a competitive level.

Tuition Spikes, Anger Strikes

By Gidget

The economy is in turmoil and tuition costs are on the rise, in England this was a violent combination. In response to a tripling of tuition to universities, students staged violent protests in London this fall. This article raises the question as to what the consequences of our own tuition increase at Mary Washington will be, which I attempted to interpret into a simple and blunt infographic.

tuition information from

UMW Graduation Rates

By anonnymoose

UMW ranks pretty highly among universities in the same class in terms of graduation rates.

The cost of Astroturf

By Galinor

Calculations for the cost of artificial turf sports fields.


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