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Budget Cut To UMW Athletic Teams

By hl2990

This article talks about the negative impacts of the budget cut to the athletic teams. This creates various changes in the for the sports teams for instance transportation is difficult and maintenance of athletic equipment and fields has suffered. The chart I created shows that the intercollegiate sports in the past received an increase to their budgets, however this year the budget was dramatically cut.

Poverty in Honduras

By hexadismal

I did a pretty basic pie chart, and then Gimp crashed. So this is what I did in the last five minutes of class. My apologies for some weird features.

Cost vs Percent of Population

By ModernSelkie

Difference in Tuition Costs & Percent of Population Attending College in the USA and Europe (France). I got the cost of tuition in the USA from

Downfalls to Budget Cuts for Sports Teams

By kwimm14

Image showing the downfalls of budget cuts.

sports budget cuts


UMW's Recent Budget Increases and Cuts

By mooomooo04

I followed the trends that were described in all of the articles and charted them.

UMW Finance Committee Budget - (2008-09, 2009-10)

By sarahdawes

The following graph follows the article "Finance Committee Has $20,000 More for Club Requests" by David Noel. It discusses the budget of the Finance Committee from the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years. I chose to use a bar graph because it effectively displays the three different sets of information that are included in the article. I chose basic colors, but they are the school colors for UMW. I think that this design element emphasizes the graph and it's information as it pertains to UMW.

What 1,200 can buy you

By noregisjustkelly

With more time, it would have looked much better and there would have been more examples, but the article I read stated that the 9% increase in tuition will equate to roughly $1,200. Thinking about that number, I thought of the things my family spends money on most and decided to do the math to figure out how many items we're missing out on because of this tuition increase.


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