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By KayTee07

Had a little fun with an old Benjamin Franklin quote! Harder than I had expected, but I tried to keep most of the fonts (when spelling a word would was necessary because it was too abstract to portray in an image) tied to the word thematically.

Snack Attack: Cheese vs. Crackers

By Gidget

When hunger strikes, what do you do to decide how to satisfy your craving? Duke it out in a tic-tac-toe style war between two classic snack time heros, cheese and crackers. Connect three in a row of your snack of choice to determine the winner. But either way, cheese or crackers, you can't lose!

Veggie Land

By sarahdawes

I decided to do a spin off of "Candy Land" called "Veggie Land". The game is very basic - you simply race to be the first one at the Carrot Castle. Like the many characters in Candy Land, there are also veggie-related characters in Veggie Land like "Mr. Veggie" and "Mrs. Corn". You also have to pass through the Broccoli Woods, similar to the Lollipop Woods in the real game.


By jellogymnast11

This game plays exactly like Sorry!except that the goal is to avoid being bullied on your way home from school. If you land on the same space as someone else, you bully them all the way back to school. If you choose to bully someone, know that they might bully you back. Landing on the slider space allows you to get ahead by skateboarding for a little ways and once you reach the safety zone, or your driveway in this case, you are safe from bullying because your mom is watching out the window. Try to get yourself and all of your siblings home before the others!

Angry Birds

By KayTee07

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help defend the birds against the pigs who have stolen their precious eggs. You must help the feathered kamikaze creatures as they attempt to prevail against the evil green enemy.

How to play Checkers

By noregisjustkelly

A very basic explanation of how to play checkers!


By TeaLeaf

I attempted to describe the rules of Jumanji. However, after I got started I remembered how complex game play is.

How to play Jenga!

By hl2990

I made an infographic using Paint that maps out the steps involved in Jenga. I included images to show each successive step in this game and increase viewers' understanding of the rules and strategies. Hints are indicated in red, emphasizing their importance in helping players win this game.

How to Crack Mad Gab

By yogini

Mad Gab is one of those games where there are strategies for figuring out how the seemingly jumble of words sounds like a real word or phrase and this flow chart has an easy to follow way of using those different strategies while you are playing.

Lets get TWISTED


Here is a infographic on how to play twister! have fun and dont lose your balance :)


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