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UMW Tuition Increase

By TeaLeaf

A look at how instate tuition costs will increase.

Student Enrollment To Increase

By Emccarthy

Student Enrollment is expected to increase from 4,000 students to 4,500. The extra 500 students will require more teachers and make classroom sizes larger. Mary Washington is known for providing students with an intimate classroom setting. By increasing the enrollment by 500 students, it could extremely impact the overall environment and goals that Mary Washington wishes to full fill.

Info Challenge

By b4ssm4st3r

graph of the state budget cuts

Students Per Blue Light

By charlierocket

While I don't think this is very relevant information, this is the number of students per blue light at 4 VA schools.
The Bullet should have posted information blue lights per acres on different campuses.

tuition rises

By ymoon

Tuition Increased By up to 9 Percent

Tuition Increase

By c0rbs001

This image is about the tuition increase and the affect it has on students at the University.

UMW Sports Budget

By jcurtis1

Cutbacks and Increases of UMW sports budget

UMW Budget

By eachiaa

This article is about recent budget cuts on sports and other things at Mary Washington.

UMW incoming freshman

By kalki

SAT scores.


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