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Students Per Blue Light

By charlierocket

While I don't think this is very relevant information, this is the number of students per blue light at 4 VA schools.
The Bullet should have posted information blue lights per acres on different campuses.

tuition rises

By ymoon

Tuition Increased By up to 9 Percent

Tuition Increase

By c0rbs001

This image is about the tuition increase and the affect it has on students at the University.

UMW Sports Budget

By jcurtis1

Cutbacks and Increases of UMW sports budget

UMW Budget

By eachiaa

This article is about recent budget cuts on sports and other things at Mary Washington.

UMW incoming freshman

By kalki

SAT scores.

Sports Budget

By be88

The image represents the UMW sport budget cuts for the 09-10 school year. The article I read is from the Bullet and there seems to be some criticism for the budget cuts since that same year the sports information officer received a 4.09% raise. So my image shows the cuts compared to the increase in salary for the sports info officer. This could make an argument that they aren't budget cutting where they need to. You would think that field maintenance and money for our sport programs would be the last items to take money from.

Budget Crunch?

By aquaman

The UMW sports teams had a 2.9% budget cut from last year, but that doesn't mean the teams really lost that much money, this is an attempt to bring that to light.

Athletic Cuts

By canders5

This is an image showing the athletic budget cuts


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