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Coming Together as One

By kwimm14

Every image can be perceived differently in many different ways. One’s personality, background, how easily influenced they are, or simply what they like/dislike can affect the way they perceive an image. Each component of this image has a different meaning which adds up to the concept of each individual sacrificing themselves and putting their entire heart into the something that is bigger than anyone on the outside could ever understand.

The “big picture” is a lone basketball found in an empty gym with banners on the walls and an American flag hanging in the background. For an...

Super Bowl Champs...again

By c0rbs001

Unlike Barthes’ image where he states it is signifying an exact replica of reality, the image I created failed to do so. My image, however, has been combined with other images and altered allowing it to be symbolic and have many different insightful meanings. Combining images of the Green Bay Packers, the National Football League logo, and the Vince Lombardi trophy I have created this one image for interpretation. The rhetoric of the image contains three main symbols: linguistic, literal, and symbolic.

First off, the simplest meaning is the linguistics of the...

Globalization of South Korea

By ymoon

The blog Colors in South Korea contains information about South Korea to spread awareness about its cultures to people in the world that are unfamiliar with this country. A lot of people in America do not know where South Korea is located and they believe that Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai are all from Japan and China. It is not just for Americans but people in everywhere who may not know much about Korea. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the globalization of South Korea, and its goal is to spread its culture. This image is based on the blog’s aim to globalize South Korea, and it shows...

Me Against Myself

By sarahdawes

Running is always a competition you hold with yourself before it is a competition with anyone or anything else. No matter if you have teammates, coaches, or friends, and no matter who you are running for or against – it is a sport that is purely based on yourself. The image I chose to construct develops this basic idea of running into a very literal sense; it constructs the haunting of oneself in running so that audiences can view the personal struggle associated with it. In running, your personal perception is constantly effecting how you continue with the sport. The image also serves...


By yogini

Yoga is a practice of serenity. This image argues that the practice of yoga creates peace and contentment in one’s life. The use of coded and non-coded messages work together to show the benefits of this practice by combining multiple cultural connotations that make a universal argument for all of humankind.

The coded messages of the image express symbolic meaning. Looking first at the background, a sunset in New Mexico’s mountainside, shows the romanticized vision of life itself. The sun sets and rises as we move through days, showing a passage of time. The vibrancy of the...


By rocknroller22

Looking at High School now it is easy to see all the things we loved about it all the glimmering memories that we felt were worth remembering. It is hard though for us to think back and really remember how melodramatic we were how intense it all seemed. The break ups, the acne, the uncertainty of whether or not you made the team, and the over all insecurity.

This collage was made for the graduating class of 2008, who would now be college Juniors. This is reminding me and others of how outdated we already are but how consistent the main struggles and worries are with the young...


By canders5

This image displays the gracefulness and beauty behind a fierce, highflying dunk. Every night during a showcase basketball game the crowd is roaring ready for tip off, and both teams are fearless as they look into each other’s eyes. As the game goes along there is only one thing that gets the crowd to stand up out of their seats and makes them yell and scream at the top of their lungs; a slam-dunk. There is nothing better than a player flying through the air only to slam the basketball home over the other team's player creating a poster image. This imagine I created shows how a dunk can be...

“Our Mother Earth”

By jcurtis1

On their own, pictures can undoubtedly be meaningful. But the combined effect of certain images, if used properly, can have an infinitely more powerful effect. This particular image is iconic of Roland Barthes’s notion (portrayed in Rhetoric of the Image) of several individual parts comprising a whole. Although each picture here tells a story, the image as a whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

It is no secret that environmental issues are a growing global concern. Barely a day goes by when some new ecological catastrophe doesn’t make the front page. With all...

Everything But

By KayTee07

“I swear, she packed everything for the trip but the kitchen sink.”

With regards to the blog I created, “Everything but the kitchen sink” meant more than just a catchy phrase to me; it provided me with the creative flexibility to put up whatever I wanted on my blog, without worrying about any restrictions. I think, to get a little philosophical for a moment, that in life if we want to really feel like we have lived it to the fullest, I would hope that the experiences were limitless, without boundaries, and included everything but the kitchen sink, figuratively speaking. I wanted my...

Govern Yourself and You Can Govern the World

By Gidget

There is a Chinese proverb that says “govern yourself and you can govern the world”, even centuries later simple words of advice still hold meaning in our modern “carry-out” message oriented world. A recurring theme in the lives of many is the eternal quest for good fortune and success, but oftentimes the means used to achieve these are simple life lessons taken to heart paired with diligence and a willingness to shape one’s own path. The image I have created is a snapshot of the modern search for meaning in which convenience has become a necessity and self-improvement can start in your...


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