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Harry Potter

By TeaLeaf

For this project I wanted to focus on children's literature; more specifically the Harry Potter series. I chose Harry Potter because for many, including myself, the books have had a very large impact on my reading and they define much of my childhood. With the release of the final installment of the film coming out this summer, I felt that it was appropriate to celebrate the success of the novels that made the movies possible. To keep the emphasis on the novels, I tried not to include any information about the movies on my graphic. The overall style of my graphic is to hint at the...


Africa & the Aids Epidemic

By shannotate

My first step was to figure out what I wanted to make an infographic on. This was the most difficult part, for me at least. There was so much I wanted to do but I wasn't sure on how to show it. I had started on an elemental wheel of the different Pokemon types, too ambitious for how I wanted it, and moved to the food industry in America. Once I did some research of the staggering effects of AIDS however, I knew which topic I wanted.
I started by doing more research on the topic. There's a lot of information out there and it's difficult to get it all straight sometimes, with...


Obesity In Virginia

By kwimm14

The image I have created displays the rapid increase of obesity in the state of Virginia. In the beginning I was not sure how to display the data I collected until I was looking at the shape of the state. At first I wanted the dates and the years to be inside the state but realized it was too confusing and clustered. Next I tried to put all of the information inside the state and only keep the percentages on the outside and not include the dates but the dates were needed to really grasp the significant increase.

As you can see I tried to show the increase in the percentage of...


Your Donations at Work

By noregisjustkelly

I fought over how I wanted to do this infographic for quite some time. I started it a different way at least three times and was more and more frustrated each time. Did I want to show pictures of our event? No, Relay for Life is bigger than that. The percentages of people who fight cancer? No, I need to show something positive and potentially uplifting. The money raised through Relay for Life makes a huge difference in the lives of SO many people each year. The 3.47 billion dollars raised in the past 26 years have changed people’s lives. It provides gas cards to those who can’t...


Infographic: Coffee Consumption in the USA

By ModernSelkie

An infographic about the consumption of coffee in the USA, broken down by the amount consumed, how it is consumed, and finally what that means globally.

I used contrast between the white text and coffee stain background to maintain the focus of the piece while adding interest. I selected a serif font for the title and a sans serif for the majority of the text, this creates interest with the title but keeps the majority of the work easy to read. There is contrast with two of the numbers I quote. The numeric portion doesn't always quite fit in with the text around it: it is both...


A Divided Nation

By anonnymoose

The goal of this infographic was to convey some of the information I've uncovered about Belgium in the course of my research. I was actually really pleased with the result, even though I had to remove much of the information I wanted to add for the sake of space and time. At first I had a hard time figuring out what to use for this project, since I am more familiar with Illustrator than some other vector editors, but I wasn't about to shell out major money for it or spend hours in one of the labs on campus. I ended up creating some of the images in Raven before eventually downloading...


The Warblers vs New Directions: Who Sings About What?

By bellekid

Most of what I listen to on my iPod is "Glee" related music. I've fallen in love with the Warblers this season and after seeing what Wordle could do I decided to use it to compare the lyrical content of group songs sung by New Directions (the main glee club on Glee) versus that of the Warblers (their rivals.)

To do this I got the lyrics to all the group songs from New Directions and all of the Warblers songs and made word clouds of them. I then listed out the 50 biggest words from each and decided to see what overlapped between the two groups and what did not.

In the end I...


Less Yoga = More Stress

By yogini

For this project, I wanted to stay along the lines of the theme of basically everything I've been working on this semester and make the argument that yoga relieves stress levels. I wanted to take the most and least stressed cities in the US and look at how large their yoga community was compared to how stressed the city is. I decided to do this by creating a ratio of the population of the city divided by the number of yoga studios in that city. This ratio would determine how many people there are per yoga studio.

The outline of the US was the best graphic to base this data...

cost of owning a lamborghini


The bad economy has forced dealerships to reduce the prices of new cars. Especially those of exotic cars. Not only do you have to pay for the cost of buying a car but you also need to pay for all the additional expenses of owning the car. As displayed below in my picture of the Lamborghini, I was shown all the additional expenses.
The first expense is the maintenance that you must keep up with when you drive the car. You need to make sure you pay for oil changes every thousand miles and that oil change normally leads to an additional charge of a labor fee. Also with the maintenance...

Painting the Distance

By jellogymnast11

This is a visual representation of just how much painting I have done over the past three summers working on UMW’s student paint crew. I decided to first figure out how many rooms I have cut-in so I counted the number of rooms in each dorm building that I painted. I then compared this number to the number of rooms in a local hotel and discovered that I have painted around seven hotels, based on room number. Because my job is usually to do the cut-in for rooms (painting in the corners of a room where the two walls meet, where the roller cannot reach), I decided to measure the distance...


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