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By TeaLeaf

Pick a level. Depending on which level you choose will determine how much money you are given to start off with.

When game starts, you are given the task of building a school for twenty students. You have to purchase books, computers, science equipment, a school building and hire teachers. After one round the school enrolls ten more students. You have to then expand the school and add additional supplies and personnel. However, it is at this point that you are given an option. You can either hire more teachers to keep the class sizes small or same money and make classes larger....


Welcome to the Library

By ModernSelkie

The rules are simple - using the arrow keys and space bar, try and get books to all of the library patrons parachuting down from the sky. If too many people get past you, and are left waiting angrily in front of the library, you lose.

To get a sense of how the game works, watch this video of the game play below. Coding done by Heather Martin. Design done by me. Voice acting by Damian Allen.


D&D and Government Corruption

By shannotate

* = party/player action.

For enemy stats visit :
Each player must create a level 10 character. At least one rogue and one monster creature are required. 3 players or more required
You’re part of an apocalyptic futuristic society. The Kingdom of the Eagle and the Clan of the Rising Sun are all that’s left out of billions. This is due to the massive earthquakes that have plagued the world for...


Deadlines and Flatlines

By Gidget

This is a single player game, in which the player is only able to guide the Pac-man inspired avatar across the gaming field in the four cardinal directions using a keyboard. The player begins the game with a blank calendar page as the matrix for game play. Initially the calendar is empty, there are no deadlines occupying any dates and a heart rate monitor at the bottom right of the screen is stable and beeping regularly. As the game begins, clock icons representing time commitments slowly fall from the top of the screen. Once these icons enter the field, the corresponding “deadline”...


Life Choices: College Edition

By spbr90

This is a sims-like video game where you create a character and control his or her actions.

The character you create is a college freshman that is beginning his or her journey for the next four (or more or less) years.

It is a computer game where you click around the screen and control where your character goes and what he or she does throughout the game.

It is a one-player game but people can switch of playing if they choose to do so.

You can click on items to use them, on locations on the map to move around, on people to talk to them/interact with them in...


Conquer Faulkner

By sarahdawes

As the player of "Conquer Faulkner," you are trying to read your way through all of Faulkner's most famous works. This one person game starts with some of Faulkner's easier texts (short stories, in particular) and work your way up the levels until you reach the most difficult texts (Absalom, Absalom! or The Sound and the Fury would probably serve as the final two levels). For each novel there is a deadline for when you need to have the book read by, and if you do not complete the reading, you lose the game. You also lose the game if your reader completely loses focus and falls asleep (...


Joe Job-Hunt

By KayTee07

Split screen, top-view (think Legend of Zelda. Simplistic style, with the ability to enter and exit buildings, walk up to objects, hold items, etc.)
This game is essentially the computer vs you
Computer is white male
You are either of a minority race or female
You work against the computer (Joe Whiteguy) to get a job
Your arrow keys allow you to move up, down, left and right. You may enter buildings by walking up to the front door. You can mail your resume by walking up to the mailbox and pressing ctrl+r. You may get into your car by pressing ctrl+c. You...


Food Force! : A look into Anorexia Nervosa

By hl2990

Food Force! is a one player computer game. The goal of this game is to become as thin as possible! Players must repeatedly click their mouse on their avatar to create a force field to block various foods from being consumed (hitting their avatar). Their avatar will become thinner the longer they block the food; however the food force field will become weaker since the avatar does not have energy to maintain it. If any food items are consumed the game ends; the game also ends when the force field disappears because the player has starved their self to death.

This game cannot be won:...


The Awesome Game of Camp

By msmith4

The object of the game is to reach the “finish line”, but all players must finish around the same time. For example, Player A could not finish until Player B was in a few spaces of him.
You may share spaces with other players
You may follow whatever path you like to reach the “finish line”.



By UncreativePseudonym

In Procrastinator, the player's goal is to cross the playing field and complete Assignments. This must be done within the time limit and while avoiding Anxieties. When time runs out or the player complete all Assignments on the field, the game progresses to the next week. The player may use an Out to clear the field of Anxieties, but will suffer penalties the next week. The game ends once the player reaches the end of week 15, or when their grade reaches F.

The player moves vertically or horizontally, controlled with...


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