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GO HELP! game: Process

By eachiaa

The player has to go through all four levels, to help the community. You can win! Follow all tasks presented in each level, and make the community and patients content. You can, at any time ask for help, just invite a friend to help, this will get the job done quicker. Last, the main goal is to reach out to more people so they all can help, and this will be a worldwide chain of volunteers.



By yogini

You are the server on the screen. The point of the game is to make money and keep all of your tables happy. The dotted box outlines your section and you are responsible for all of the tables in that section. When a table is sat it is outlined in a darker line. On the table is the amount of the bill at that table and the meter above it is your table's happiness level. The happiness level determines your tip percentage of the total bill. The table blinks yellow when the people at the table need something and you have to click on that table and get them what they need by then clicking...


A Weather Eye

By Galinor

A Weather Eye is a single player game, designed to be playable both in a simple online format (such as flash) or as an app for mobile phone. The goal of the game is simple. Commander Keen must escape the planet Limaticus, but Mortimer has thrown the planet’s weather into flux with four diabolical machines. The machines are causing the planet to become warmer. Keen must disable the machines with his internal combustication discombobulator. But once Keen returns to his ship, he finds that the damage to the weather patterns has changed his liftoff algorithm. Keen must accurately tell the...


Angry Driving Game

By mooomooo04

This game is a videogame that is played with at least two players competing with one another. Players play at the same time and try to hit as many pedestrians or other cars in the parking garage as possible using joysticks or regular controls. The higher the anger meter goes, the more points the player accumulates and the player to fill their anger meter first wins the game. Players can see two separate screen shots when playing the game. The first screen view is the inside of a car and the players look out as if they are sitting in the car driving themselves. The second view is an...


The Simple Math Game

By lryerson

The Simple Math Game

Game Type: Internet Game. It’s a website.

Playing Field: Since the game is an internet game on a website, the playing field is just the image of the game with the question being asked which is attached.

Rules: There is one question; you only have to answer the one question correctly to win the game.

Players: One. The only player is the person answering the question.

Tools: Every possible math tool can be used such as equations, calculators, textbooks, etc… The player can use anything that they think they may...


Get to know what your dream is like

By ymoon

For the first level, the players need to put effort to have whichever professional jobs they desire. The main method is very simple. They need to study hard. There will be several simple questions that are similar level as in elementary school, and they need to answer them. The questions can be any math, history, English or science. If they get it wrong, the answer will be provided. After practicing about 30 questions, players will take an exam at the end. A total of 24 questions will be given, and they need to earn at least 20 out of 24 to pass the exam. The questions on exam will be...



By rflahert

Politico is a new game that will sweep the nation. This game is a single player role player game for the computer. It would probably be most successful as an online flash game. The user starts the game by defining some of the characteristics of their player. They choose the player’s gender, name, the state they are representing, the district of the state, party affiliation, the committee(s) that their character will be on, and the issues of their constituency. After completion of the player’s characteristics the game begins. As a new representative you have to work to keep your...


Dice Baseball

By canders5

This is a two player game. The game duration is 9 innings. 1 inning is completed when both players hit and pitch getting 3 outs at each spot. Each player will roll one 6 sided die, and the player with the higher number wins that sequence. The pitcher will always roll first, and if the pitcher is the one with the higher number then that produces 1 out. Once the pitcher collects 3 outs that half inning is over and the players switch roles. If the hitter is the player with the higher number then you take that number and subtract it from the pitchers number producing the type of hit (number of...

Running Around the World

By Emccarthy

Eating properly is a very important component in having a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, the point of my game is to get your person to run around the world as quickly possible. The person has the potential to run around the world quickly, if you feed them the proper foods. Therefore, you have the option of feeding them fruits and veggies or junk food. It would be more beneficial for your final score to feed your person the healthier food options, so they can have the optimum amount of energy to complete their journey around the world. During their journey, they will be faced with...

You be the Negotiator

By anonnymoose

The game You be the Negotiator! is designed to be a single player online news game along the lines of games like Cutthroat Capitalism or Tenure. In this game, the player takes on the role of the negotiator in the Belgian government coalition talks. The game opens with an introductory screen that sets ups the context of the negotiations along with some background information on game play. In this case, the game is set on June 14th, 2010, a day after the federal elections in Belgium. The two main parties in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives are the New-Flemish Alliance, a Flemish...


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