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Play Rugby!

By annie.bru

Basic Rules

Single Player
Move Player laterally on board to catch objects as they fall
7 Objects representing Components: Starter, Injury-Free, Spirit, League Champion, Fundraiser, Referee, Leader
10 of each object caught moves player closer to Goal in one Component
(this increases as you pass through levels)

Must achieve 4 Components to Finish Level
6 Levels – Freshman Rookie, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Super Senior, Alumni

As game continues, items begin to drop faster, but player moves slightly faster as well.
Let too many things...

Our Plundered Seas

By jcurtis1

The game I envisioned is called “Plundered Seas”. It is a Sims-type game, similar to the McDonalds game studied in class. It is single player and involves an interface of different choices one can make regarding fishing. Your avatar is a fisherman, yet this is not necessarily represented in the game (it is like you are looking out onto these scenes, putting the player behind the computer directly into the situation). There are two locations between which you can travel and make decisions. The first is the Seaside Town. Here, your fisherman can decide what he is going to catch, how he is...

The Gay Rights Game

By bellekid

Set of cards under 5 main topics.
Two or more players, one homosexual, at least one heterosexual.
Roll a dice to determine orientation.
First player to roll a 3 is homosexual..
Only one player regardless of number of players can be homosexual.
Take turns drawing a card. When you draw a card you read the situation and the outcome for your sexual orientation. If the outcome is negative or if you already have a card from that category, you discard the card. If the outcome is positive then you keep the card.
The first player to have at least one card from...



Championship quest is a one to four player game that puts you in the shoes of some of the top NBA player in the chase to win the NBA championship. The player must start on the baseline on the left and navigate their way through the basketball court to the championship trophy. However along the way players must deal with obstacles such as losing streaks, injuries, sickness, trades, pay cuts, winning streaks endorsement deals, and pay increases.

The player must roll a die and move however many spaces.
The red spaces mean something negative has happened such as an injury,sickness...


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