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Junk Food

By ymoon

This essay argues that junk foods are not the right choices for meal.


Lowering Dependence on Fossil Fuels

By jcurtis1

Persuasive essay that argues that the world needs to lower its dependence on fossil fuels


NBA vs College

By canders5

This essay argues that college basketball is far better to attend or watch than the NBA.


Facebook Voyeurism

By KayTee07

With the rise in popularity of social networking, people are becoming increasingly more used to the easy access they are allowed into the personal lives of people. Users of sites like Facebook and Twitter start to feel entitled to what was once privileged information, and the desire is only going to increase as the accessibility becomes even more frequent.

Cold Stone: Gotta Have It

By chiyochan

An essay on the superior quality of Cold Stone ice cream.

Community Service in schools

By eachiaa

This essay is about how community service should be required in all grade levels and the benefits of doing community service.

Two-Year-Old Van Gogh

By hexadismal

In keeping with the theme of my blog, I wrote my essay on the need to draw tighter boundaries around what we consider art. I wrestle with the idea that everyone can be an artist and what that does to art as a discipline.

Reclaiming Queer

By bellekid

Why I think the word "Queer" should be more widely used and accepted by the LGBTTQQIAAP community.

Music & War

By rocknroller22

A brief look at Music & War. Looking at both Woodstock and various artists of today and why it is still important to vocalize our feelings on politics through music.

Camp is More than Just a Vacation for Your Kids

By msmith4

Why camp is an amazing place for kids to grow!


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