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First Come, First Serve

By be88

This is an essay about the graduation ceremony being first come, first serve seating.

Class Outside

By charlierocket

An essay on why we should have class outside when the weather is good.

Fighting in hockey

By aquaman

A discussion on fighting in hockey and why it is important.

Toughness of Football

By c0rbs001

This essay argues that football is a tougher sport than soccer.

Wasting Words On Lowercases and Capitals

By lryerson

This essay pretty much argues that everyone should listen to Brand New because they are amazing.

Lovesac, baby.

By kalki

College students need lovesacs.

Persuasion Draft

By rflahert

This essay is a persuasive argument for the legalization and/or decriminalization of cannabis.

Video Games: A Form of Storytelling

By b4ssm4st3r

Basically I am arguing that video are games are in fact another form of storytelling, one that is commonly overlooked.

Public Schools Need to Incorporate New Media

By shannotate

I discuss why it's important to teach new media in public schools.

The U.S government should pass the Dream Act

By Mena

The U.S government should pass the Dream Act


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