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The Threat of Humans on the Survival of Marine Turtles

By jellogymnast11

This essay makes the claim that humans are the reason that sea turtles are endangered. It explains the influences that people and development has had on sea turtles both in the oceans, where they migrate and on the beaches where marine turtles nest.

UMW Dining

By hl2990

As students at Mary Washington most of us have experienced some dissatisfaction with campus dining.This essay argues that the dining options at Mary Washington are insufficient

Fredericksburg Housing Laws

By sarahdawes

My text assignment revolves around the occupational laws in the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia. It opens with an anecdote that describes how the "three people to a house" law has effected a student at the University of Mary Washington. It then goes into detail about the law and how a waiver should be enacted for students at Mary Washington.



a persuasive essay on pro abortion.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

By Gidget

A short argument as to why being a morning person is not as bad as people seem to think it is.

Lowering the Drinking Age

By spbr90

The current national law in the United States prohibits those under 21 from purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol. This essay lists some reasons for why this law should be changed and the drinking age should be lowered to 18.

Fast Food in America

By Emccarthy

I am writing my essay about Fast Food in America. This year alone Americans will spend $110 billion on Fast Food. I am writing about how this food industry contributes to obesity in America and poor health among the population.

Protests and Social Media

By anonnymoose

To keep this short, essentially I am arguing that the advent of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has impacted social activism, especially protests, in a positive way.

United States and Yemen

By mooomooo04

Yemen could be saved through substantial humanitarian aid. The United States could potentially improve the country's economic, political and social realms. Help in these specific categories could mitigate the effect of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Recess and the Student

By TeaLeaf

This essay is about the importance of recess during school days and how students will benefit from it.


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