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College Basketball

By kwimm14

Basketball, in particular, is one of the most challenging college sports. To compete, a basketball player is pushed mentally, physically, and academically throughout the season and their four year career as a college athlete.

Risk and Reward

By Galinor

I argue that teaching children to manage risk by exposing them to it is the right thing to do.

Women Lift Weights

By annie.bru

This is the first draft of my argument on weight training.

Relay for Life

By noregisjustkelly

Relay for Life is the most rewarding group of people on campus and more of the student body should be involved. There’s no reason to sit idly by when you could be fighting back.

Don't Be a Nice Guy on a Joss Whedon Show

By ModernSelkie

This is an essay about how nice guys in Joss Whedon shows always lead horrible lives and have unsuccessful romances.


By yogini

Yoga is a better form of exercise than other cardiovascular workouts such as running.


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