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D&D and Government Corruption

* = party/player action.

Facebook: Playing with Reality

The rules of Facebook as a game are essentially defined by the capabilities and limitations of Facebook. The player can use whatever tools Facebook provides, including editing personal information, posting on walls, commenting, sending messages, adding pictures and videos, linking to websites, etc.

The game consists mostly of manipulation and attack.

GO HELP! game: Process

The player has to go through all four levels, to help the community. You can win! Follow all tasks presented in each level, and make the community and patients content. You can, at any time ask for help, just invite a friend to help, this will get the job done quicker. Last, the main goal is to reach out to more people so they all can help, and this will be a worldwide chain of volunteers.

Pet Population Problem

This game deals with the issue of the need to spay and neuter (referred to simply as neuter from here forward) pets. The premise is fairly straightforward – keep the town from being overrun by cats. In this one player game, the player first selects a house and clicks on it. Upon doing so, the player is presented with a puzzle. If the player solves the puzzle within the time limit, the cats in the selected house are neutered and can no longer reproduce. If the player does not solve the puzzle within the time limit, the cats in the house are not neutered and reproduce.


You are the server on the screen. The point of the game is to make money and keep all of your tables happy. The dotted box outlines your section and you are responsible for all of the tables in that section. When a table is sat it is outlined in a darker line. On the table is the amount of the bill at that table and the meter above it is your table's happiness level. The happiness level determines your tip percentage of the total bill.


Championship quest is a one to four player game that puts you in the shoes of some of the top NBA player in the chase to win the NBA championship. The player must start on the baseline on the left and navigate their way through the basketball court to the championship trophy. However along the way players must deal with obstacles such as losing streaks, injuries, sickness, trades, pay cuts, winning streaks endorsement deals, and pay increases.

A Weather Eye

A Weather Eye is a single player game, designed to be playable both in a simple online format (such as flash) or as an app for mobile phone. The goal of the game is simple. Commander Keen must escape the planet Limaticus, but Mortimer has thrown the planet’s weather into flux with four diabolical machines. The machines are causing the planet to become warmer. Keen must disable the machines with his internal combustication discombobulator. But once Keen returns to his ship, he finds that the damage to the weather patterns has changed his liftoff algorithm.

Welcome to the Library

The rules are simple - using the arrow keys and space bar, try and get books to all of the library patrons parachuting down from the sky. If too many people get past you, and are left waiting angrily in front of the library, you lose.

To get a sense of how the game works, watch this video of the game play below. Coding done by Heather Martin. Design done by me. Voice acting by Damian Allen.

Joe Job-Hunt

Split screen, top-view (think Legend of Zelda. Simplistic style, with the ability to enter and exit buildings, walk up to objects, hold items, etc.)
This game is essentially the computer vs you
Computer is white male
You are either of a minority race or female
You work against the computer (Joe Whiteguy) to get a job

Classroom Chaos!

The goal of this game is to get as many students passing the state mandated tests as possible. Your mission as the teacher to make sure your students are receiving the attention that they need to succeed. You do this by standing near the student and engaging in a conversation with them.


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