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Africa & the Aids Epidemic

By shannotate

My first step was to figure out what I wanted to make an infographic on. This was the most difficult part, for me at least. There was so much I wanted to do but I wasn't sure on how to show it. I had started on an elemental wheel of the different Pokemon types, too ambitious for how I wanted it, and moved to the food industry in America. Once I did some research of the staggering effects of AIDS however, I knew which topic I wanted.
I started by doing more research on the topic. There's a lot of information out there and it's difficult to get it all straight sometimes, with...

Info graphic: Increase Volunteering

By eachiaa

Using the main topic of my blog, this info graphic is about the distributions volunteering within different age groups in America. The act of volunteering has increased in the last three years amongst middle age adults. But there should be more people helping out from the ages of 14-54. Getting involved shows evidence of reducing antisocial and violent behaviors. The more people are involved with the community the less likely they will commit crimes. Requirement of community service does not only limit crime rates, but it also helps students reconnect themselves with the natural world....


Your Donations at Work

By noregisjustkelly

I fought over how I wanted to do this infographic for quite some time. I started it a different way at least three times and was more and more frustrated each time. Did I want to show pictures of our event? No, Relay for Life is bigger than that. The percentages of people who fight cancer? No, I need to show something positive and potentially uplifting. The money raised through Relay for Life makes a huge difference in the lives of SO many people each year. The 3.47 billion dollars raised in the past 26 years have changed people’s lives. It provides gas cards to those who can’t...

cost of owning a lamborghini


The bad economy has forced dealerships to reduce the prices of new cars. Especially those of exotic cars. Not only do you have to pay for the cost of buying a car but you also need to pay for all the additional expenses of owning the car. As displayed below in my picture of the Lamborghini, I was shown all the additional expenses.
The first expense is the maintenance that you must keep up with when you drive the car. You need to make sure you pay for oil changes every thousand miles and that oil change normally leads to an additional charge of a labor fee. Also with the maintenance...

The Endurance

By Galinor

The Endurance Expedition was certifiably the most shit-tastic time you could have on a boat. Their goal was to be the first crew to cross the Antarctic continent, but their ship became trapped in the ice. They were forced to attempt to escape across the ice after their ship sank. Nearly every possible catastrophe occurred, but somehow the entire (human) crew survived. While they did not reach Antarctica, or the pole, Shackleton, leader of the expedition, was the first to ever cross the Island of South Georgia.

The infographic is only very roughly representative of distance and time...

Painting the Distance

By jellogymnast11

This is a visual representation of just how much painting I have done over the past three summers working on UMW’s student paint crew. I decided to first figure out how many rooms I have cut-in so I counted the number of rooms in each dorm building that I painted. I then compared this number to the number of rooms in a local hotel and discovered that I have painted around seven hotels, based on room number. Because my job is usually to do the cut-in for rooms (painting in the corners of a room where the two walls meet, where the roller cannot reach), I decided to measure the distance...

The Seafood Industry's Affect on the World's Oceans

By jcurtis1

For my infographic assignment, I decided to pick a topic I am passionate about and that relates to my blog theme of Green News. The Seafood Industry’s affect on the world’s oceans is a hot topic in environmental studies today, and one that I have researched heavily for my senior seminar presentation in Environmental Science. Although most of the news associated with this topic is negative and correlates with environmental degradation, there is some hope on the horizon for the future of the industry. This graphic, through the use of Robin Williams’ principles of Contrast, Repetition,...


Trans Prevalence Versus Legal Protection

By charlierocket

My goal for this project was to create a small overview of what transgender means, as well as to hit the tip of the iceberg with the rights and protections that transgender people have while highlighting how common it is. There is very little research on transgender people, so it was difficult to find reliable sources.
In researching this, I found an interesting statement that stated that "the average life span of a transgender person is twenty-three years." I put this in my graphic but out of curiosity went to find the original source. It turned out that this wasn't concrete...

Losing the Nutrients

By KayTee07

I wanted to create something with the possibility of visual simplicity. When I came across the information regarding the depletion of minerals from many of our major food sources, I knew there was some major potential to use images and symbols to get across that basic information.
There is the central idea, conveyed by the simple title "Losing The Nutrients." These are the largest words on the page, and should draw attention to them first. I also changed the color and design on the font to draw the eye. I also let the positioning of the words (at a downward "staircase" angle) to fit...


Harry Potter

By TeaLeaf

For this project I wanted to focus on children's literature; more specifically the Harry Potter series. I chose Harry Potter because for many, including myself, the books have had a very large impact on my reading and they define much of my childhood. With the release of the final installment of the film coming out this summer, I felt that it was appropriate to celebrate the success of the novels that made the movies possible. To keep the emphasis on the novels, I tried not to include any information about the movies on my graphic. The overall style of my graphic is to hint at the...


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