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shannotate's Digital Identity

By shannotate

Originally, my blog was all about gaming. However, now that I created a homepage and updated my "about" and added my own projects in there, this website feels more like me than ever. I think my website would attract people looking for writers or photoshoppers, and my blog and projects are aptly displayed to do so. I am somewhat pleased with my work. I would like to learn more about CSS in order to make it look nicer, but I am pleased with the outcome as it is. I think I am very marketable :)

chiyochan's Digital Identity

By chiyochan

My goal for this project was to create a website that displays my abilities as a computer programmer. The various artifacts that I have chosen to display represent some of my best and most interesting work completed during my time at UMW. In addition to sharing my work, this website provides a discussion on the background behind each project and my experience at UMW. Each artifact is accompanied by a description of the project, a discussion on the knowledge I gained as a result of working on the project, and an evaluation of the success of the project and any future work to be done. This...

Mena's Digital Identity

By Mena

American Girl
The name for my portfolio is “American Girl” because the two main concepts I have worked on during this semester for this class are cheerleading and the Dream Act. Even though I am also Hispanic, I have learned the customs of being American. When a person thinks of a cheerleader, they only think about a blonde American. The majority of cheerleading squads are American but they are slowly changing with new people trying it. Soon people will view cheerleaders differently because anyone can become a cheerleader. I still love the culture I come from but the U.S has showed...

be88's Digital Identity

By be88

At first I was very intimidated by this project, but I found it to be a different and creative way to use my brain. I liked the theme that I chose because it had some fun properties. Using the CSS I was able to tweak colors, font styles, and the appearance of text. I decided to change the name of my page because I felt like for the final project, the title of my profile page shouldn't be the title of my blog. I also made the decision to take the posts off the front page and to just have the About page as my home page. I feel that the site is easy to navigate with the links for pages...

TeaLeaf's Digital Identity

By TeaLeaf

I am very happy with how my website has turned out! I spent a lot of time and effort on the overall look and went through many different changes and many different ideas before I found one that I was happy with looking at for long periods of time. I originally had the main colors being green and red, apple style. But after looking at it for any length of time I realized that I hated it! So then I had to start over from scratch. I cleared out all of the CSS and changed the entire layout of the design. I then began to just explore the different color patterns on ColourLovers. It was there...

yogini's Digital Identity

By yogini

The finished version of this site accomplishes my goals by reflecting my personality. The layout is very simple, the colors are earthy and complementary, and it showcases my work in a way that’s easy to navigate and shows I have experience with the system. Since one of the things I’m interested in as a career is social media, it’s really important for the website to reflect my design style as well as my writing capabilities. I went back and forth between adding more pictures to the site since picture attract more attention, but it runs the risk of becoming unprofessional since the only...

Galinor's Digital Identity

By Galinor

My final portfolio does not accomplish my goals, but it is a good starting place. It is attractive and professional looking, and allows for easy perusal of my work. I think that my target audience is divided in two. On the one hand, I want the page to be enjoyable for friends and fans (who am I kidding?) to come to in order to view my work. On the other hand, I want the page to make me look attractive to potential employers. I think that this dual focus will be successful, because having a running website which has visitors will improve my appearance to employers.

I am pleased with...

aquaman's Digital Identity

By aquaman

As I sit back and look at my portfolio I cant help but think that I could have done more. There were ideas I never capitalized on and ideas I could have fleshed out to a greater extent. I imagine that my primary audience is someone around my age that is a 18-25 year old male who like hockey. It is tailored to meet there needs by its simplicity and straight forward layout. I'm sort of pleased with my work. I've fallen short in some aspects and I think gonna above in others. If I was an employer I would have some hesitations about hiring me because I'm not terribly consistent with my...


ModernSelkie's Digital Identity

By ModernSelkie

I think that my webdesign front page is very professional looking, and in the style of my blog, which I felt was important for thematic reasons. It did not match as well as I might like (since I was limited in how much I could modify on my wordpress blog, and I had to modify this site as part of the requirement for the project). There are a few things I would change, such as removing the date of the 'post' on the front page. I tried everything I could think of to remove it, but I think that changing that would require me going deeper into the code than this stylesheet would allow me. I...

b4ssm4st3r's Digital Identity

By b4ssm4st3r

There is still so much I want to do to this portfolio! As a matter of fact during dead week I think I will continue editing it. Yet when we were given the topic of creating a portfolio I immediately recognized the advantages of keeping its design fluid. The reason being that people can actually see what I am learning every time they visit the portfolio. Not only does it showcase the work I have done in the past, but it can also show what I am learning. That is why I decided to create a current projects section as well. I think it would be beneficial for myself if I can show possible...


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