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Burned Building

By charlierocket

My grandparents recently died and left me their farm. I walked around the property taking inventory of the place with my camera when I happened upon an old structure. The structure suffered smoke and fire damage and, against my better judgment, decided to explore. I took a few shots of the interior, knowing it would be demolished soon. When the bulb flashed from this picture I saw the smoky figure of a young girl in a ballerina outfit. My heart jumped and I ran from the place, got in the car and called my mom. She said that her parents used to rent the small house out to families,...

Empty hotel

By ymoon

This hotel was involved in mass murder but no one knows who killed them.
It's been about 5 years since that event occured. People who past this hotel at night see white light
pass in front of them and a lady who wanders from place to place.
Now this hotel is in a decay and does not operate anymore.
Every twelve O'clock, the terrible screams of many women come of the rooms and voices of cry for help.

Ghost Fam

By kalki

Their dead kid shows up in the picture.

Knocking on my window

By be88

I was taking a road trip to Minnesota to visit my grandparents in our RV. It was me, my fiance, my sister, mom, and dad. We had stopped somewhere in Illinois to take a break from driving and to have lunch. We were obviously out in farm country and as I was eating my lunch I was startled by what seemed to be knocking on the back side window. I jumped up eager to see if some random person was trying to get in. To my surprise I saw nothing and no one. My fiance thought that I was losing my mind and that it would be funny to take a picture of me running to the window. When he aimed the...

The Shadow Man

By jcurtis1

So I was walking along an english moore one night when I came upon an interesting ruin. I stopped to snap a quick shot of it and went along my way. When I developed the film...this is what I saw! Creepy!

Papa's Camera

By msmith4

Papa took this picture with his 1950s camera at dusk. He and my grandmother were out walking on their farm when she looked to the sky in thought. Only instead of thinking, she screamed out of surprise. My grandfather whipped out his camera and quickly snapped a shot a picture of the strange orbs in the sky.

Haunted Camp

By lryerson

When I used to attend sleep away camp up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, we all told ghost stories at night to try to scary everyone. One night, our counselor told us the story of the daughter of Lady Wentworth (the owner of the land at the time). She used to play in the woods by herself because there were no other little kids around to play with. One night, she disappeared into the woods and never came out. My counselor said that she still haunts the woods of our camp. My cabin mates dared me to go out at midnight and take a picture of the woods. Of course, I brought my best friend with me,...

Ghost Deer

By bellekid

While out with Torchwood searching for a weevil that had been sighted by some common folk, I stumbled upon a ghost of some earth creature wandering the streets. According to Gwen and Ianto it was a deer of sorts. Something more common than I'm used to but still interesting. I was a little upset at first that it had not escaped from the rift but was soon relieved when it did not attack us, like the weevil did soon after.

The deer did approach Owen, somehow unfazed by his dead yet human like form. Possibly sensing that he wasn't actually alive to harm him.

Soon though, it...


Flower Girl

By shannotate

My grandmother always used to tell me the story of the little flower girl, Phyllis. Phyllis was grandma's younger cousin who had been volunteered to walk down the aisle, throwing roses at my grandmother's wedding. She had offered to go pick the flowers herself in the back of our now old house, in the forest where we'd walk our dog. I doing so one day and came upon this field of white flowers and saw a quick flash of white light. My camera was able to capture details that my eye couldn't see, and when I got home to develop the film, this is what I saw. They had looked for Phyllis for...


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