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The Senior Visitors Program

By rocknroller22

During the begining of this semester before things got really crazy I volunteered with the Senior Visitors Program and applied of what I learned in this course to what I was doing for them. I interned with the Senior Visitors Program last semester and developed a pretty strong relationship with the people I worked with and became deticated to pay things forward to Mental Health America especially since they help out so much with my Bi-Polar brother. The rest of the challenge here is evident since it combines both images and text. ENJOY

Stressed out to the Point of Pulling Out my Hair

By rocknroller22

Why these specific images?
When I sat down to work on the information project I turned to a dear old friend Microsoft Publisher, which I have worked with when it comes to advertisements for events I have put together. The image I created by provided a juxtaposition of images one that offers hope and one that offers despair and a sad reality sort of wrapped up my current feelings toward procrastination and uncertainty. I had procrastinated horribly on not only this assignment but a number of assignments four other courses I was taking. With a severe case of senior-it is and on top of...

National Nosy Mag

By rocknroller22

RPG [Role Playing Game]
In the begining you can choose to be one of two characters:
*Note: This is multi player but not a 2 player game, played by various people as an online game*
Each of these roles will allow you to change and mold the character [Like an avatar; but there won't be too many choices]. Say you select CELB well then you might want to imitate them in some way.
The goal of the POP-A-RAZEE would be to catch The CELB on their way out of a gas station bathroom without their shoes on or to capture the first moments of a...

write 750 challenge


I finally finished my 10 day challenge:)

Challenge: Flowchart

By aquaman

I dont have an image to share, but I do have a prezi the link is

Image --> Quote

By KayTee07

Had a little fun with an old Benjamin Franklin quote! Harder than I had expected, but I tried to keep most of the fonts (when spelling a word would was necessary because it was too abstract to portray in an image) tied to the word thematically.

750 words

By lryerson

I wrote 750 words for 10 days in a row on

Here a screen shot.

Running Around the World

By Emccarthy

Eating properly is a very important component in having a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, the point of my game is to get your person to run around the world as quickly possible. The person has the potential to run around the world quickly, if you feed them the proper foods. Therefore, you have the option of feeding them fruits and veggies or junk food. It would be more beneficial for your final score to feed your person the healthier food options, so they can have the optimum amount of energy to complete their journey around the world. During their journey, they will be faced with...

You be the Negotiator

By anonnymoose

The game You be the Negotiator! is designed to be a single player online news game along the lines of games like Cutthroat Capitalism or Tenure. In this game, the player takes on the role of the negotiator in the Belgian government coalition talks. The game opens with an introductory screen that sets ups the context of the negotiations along with some background information on game play. In this case, the game is set on June 14th, 2010, a day after the federal elections in Belgium. The two main parties in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives are the New-Flemish Alliance, a Flemish...


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