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Save Japan

By be88

Collect coins by completing levels one through three in order to get to the final level. The final level will give you a chance to go back in time and prepare for the earthquake and tsunami. Each level has a specific task and you must collect enough water, people, or tools in order to help re-build Japan. If you complete a level you will earn a coin. The game can be played by one or two people. The main character will be the snow monkey and the second player the slow loris.



By kalki


This is a one-player game, plot-driven, and you can’t win.

“1969” flashes across the screen, then the game opens with a silhouette of a head. Its look is random: it can be fat or thin with any sort of hair style/length. The player clicks the male or female symbol to the head’s right, but the silhouette stays the same no matter which is clicked. A full purple bar, a happiness meter, lies underneath it.

Click on the face after selecting a sex and the screen goes black. Click again and the character is now in the middle of a large, fully stocked closet. The...


Angry Driving Game

By mooomooo04

This game is a videogame that is played with at least two players competing with one another. Players play at the same time and try to hit as many pedestrians or other cars in the parking garage as possible using joysticks or regular controls. The higher the anger meter goes, the more points the player accumulates and the player to fill their anger meter first wins the game. Players can see two separate screen shots when playing the game. The first screen view is the inside of a car and the players look out as if they are sitting in the car driving themselves. The second view is an...


The Awesome Game of Camp

By msmith4

The object of the game is to reach the “finish line”, but all players must finish around the same time. For example, Player A could not finish until Player B was in a few spaces of him.
You may share spaces with other players
You may follow whatever path you like to reach the “finish line”.



By noregisjustkelly

The Basics
Distraction is a game where one single player is in control of the main playing piece, a pawn in the shape of a small person. The game board, as represented in the image included, functions similarly to that of the 1970’s video game Snake. The brain in this scenario has been challenged to accomplish as many tasks in a given amount of time as possible. To accomplish tasks, one must avoid coming into contact with distractions that will hinder movement and speed. To move the pawn, use the four arrow keys on the keyboard (up, down, left, right). The distractions include...


D&D and Government Corruption

By shannotate

* = party/player action.

Each player must create a level 10 character. At least one rogue and one monster creature are required. 3 players or more required
You’re part of an apocalyptic futuristic society. The Kingdom of the Eagle and the Clan of the Rising Sun are all that’s left out of billions. This is due to the massive earthquakes that have plagued the world for one hundred years. Only the truly strong or magical remain. Sorcerers control all aspects of life in the Kingdom of the Eagle. They reign like gods by using fear...



By TeaLeaf

Pick a level. Depending on which level you choose will determine how much money you are given to start off with.

When game starts, you are given the task of building a school for twenty students. You have to purchase books, computers, science equipment, a school building and hire teachers. After one round the school enrolls ten more students. You have to then expand the school and add additional supplies and personnel. However, it is at this point that you are given an option. You can either hire more teachers to keep the class sizes small or same money and make classes larger....


Conquer Faulkner

By sarahdawes

As the player of "Conquer Faulkner," you are trying to read your way through all of Faulkner's most famous works. This one person game starts with some of Faulkner's easier texts (short stories, in particular) and work your way up the levels until you reach the most difficult texts (Absalom, Absalom! or The Sound and the Fury would probably serve as the final two levels). For each novel there is a deadline for when you need to have the book read by, and if you do not complete the reading, you lose the game. You also lose the game if your reader completely loses focus and falls asleep (...


The Simple Math Game

By lryerson

The Simple Math Game

Game Type: Internet Game. It’s a website.

Playing Field: Since the game is an internet game on a website, the playing field is just the image of the game with the question being asked which is attached.

Rules: There is one question; you only have to answer the one question correctly to win the game.

Players: One. The only player is the person answering the question.

Tools: Every possible math tool can be used such as equations, calculators, textbooks, etc… The player can use anything that they think they may...


Get to know what your dream is like

By ymoon

For the first level, the players need to put effort to have whichever professional jobs they desire. The main method is very simple. They need to study hard. There will be several simple questions that are similar level as in elementary school, and they need to answer them. The questions can be any math, history, English or science. If they get it wrong, the answer will be provided. After practicing about 30 questions, players will take an exam at the end. A total of 24 questions will be given, and they need to earn at least 20 out of 24 to pass the exam. The questions on exam will be...


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