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Deadlines and Flatlines

By Gidget

This is a single player game, in which the player is only able to guide the Pac-man inspired avatar across the gaming field in the four cardinal directions using a keyboard. The player begins the game with a blank calendar page as the matrix for game play. Initially the calendar is empty, there are no deadlines occupying any dates and a heart rate monitor at the bottom right of the screen is stable and beeping regularly. As the game begins, clock icons representing time commitments slowly fall from the top of the screen. Once these icons enter the field, the corresponding “deadline”...


Over the Limit

By kwimm14

The goal of this one player video-game “Over the Limit” is to get through each level without crashing while intoxicated. First, you will distinguish whether you are male or female as well as giving your age and your roundabout weight so the computer can properly determine how “drunk” you are. Next you will decide your drink of choice- beer, mixed drinks, shots, or a combination of them all. Once you start to play you must get through each level without crashing, the longer you last the more drinks you intake. After getting through each level it will show you your BAC level. For each drink...



By rflahert

Politico is a new game that will sweep the nation. This game is a single player role player game for the computer. It would probably be most successful as an online flash game. The user starts the game by defining some of the characteristics of their player. They choose the player’s gender, name, the state they are representing, the district of the state, party affiliation, the committee(s) that their character will be on, and the issues of their constituency. After completion of the player’s characteristics the game begins. As a new representative you have to work to keep your...


Food Force! : A look into Anorexia Nervosa

By hl2990

Food Force! is a one player computer game. The goal of this game is to become as thin as possible! Players must repeatedly click their mouse on their avatar to create a force field to block various foods from being consumed (hitting their avatar). Their avatar will become thinner the longer they block the food; however the food force field will become weaker since the avatar does not have energy to maintain it. If any food items are consumed the game ends; the game also ends when the force field disappears because the player has starved their self to death.

This game cannot be won:...


Dice Baseball

By canders5

This is a two player game. The game duration is 9 innings. 1 inning is completed when both players hit and pitch getting 3 outs at each spot. Each player will roll one 6 sided die, and the player with the higher number wins that sequence. The pitcher will always roll first, and if the pitcher is the one with the higher number then that produces 1 out. Once the pitcher collects 3 outs that half inning is over and the players switch roles. If the hitter is the player with the higher number then you take that number and subtract it from the pitchers number producing the type of hit (number of...

Snack Attack: Cheese vs. Crackers

By Gidget

When hunger strikes, what do you do to decide how to satisfy your craving? Duke it out in a tic-tac-toe style war between two classic snack time heros, cheese and crackers. Connect three in a row of your snack of choice to determine the winner. But either way, cheese or crackers, you can't lose!

Veggie Land

By sarahdawes

I decided to do a spin off of "Candy Land" called "Veggie Land". The game is very basic - you simply race to be the first one at the Carrot Castle. Like the many characters in Candy Land, there are also veggie-related characters in Veggie Land like "Mr. Veggie" and "Mrs. Corn". You also have to pass through the Broccoli Woods, similar to the Lollipop Woods in the real game.


How to play Jenga

By Stan_d_up

For those out there unsure how to play Jenga I thought I would do my best to help :)


Dungeons and Dragons

By Galinor

This is one of the ways to play, anyway. My goal was to encapsulate the beginner's D&D experience.

Freedom Land

By Mena

Try to be the first freedom rider to get to new orleans


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